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  1. Posting Videos

    Just trimmed and uploaded a video to youtube all on my Iphone4. So quick and easy compared to what I was doing before. Thanks for the tips guys.
  2. Well done everyone and thanks Mav for working it all out. Great to see a decent number of members taking part this time, having the comp open for the whole month was a big plus point. To make it more competitive next year can we ban Sking
  3. Posting Videos

    I taped my Iphone to my tripod head. I train at home, taking a tripod to a commercial gym might be considered a bit ott. I have trouble editing my videos on my PC as it doesn't like the .mov format. I have been uploading the whole video to youtube from my PC and editing there. Problem with this is that because I live out in the sticks my broadband speed is slow and it takes ages to upload. If the whole process can be done on the Iphone as Sking says, it would make things easier.
  4. Here are my lifts @ a bodyweight of 86kg Apologies for the poor video quality on squats & bench, had to use my phone. Should have worn something tighter and brighter for squats to make depth assessment easier. Oh well. http://youtu.be/xQvxexNIB_4 http://youtu.be/_rnWCkjSYaU http://youtu.be/0tBE_G7ICCk Deadlift was a PR. Bench wasn't great. (grindy). Squat was okish as I haven't squatted with a standard bar for 6 months (shoulder impingement). PS. Not sure of the legality of any my lifts.
  5. Well done Ron, great effort.
  6. That's a bit galling! Sorry. Cab for johnnyboy. Hope you have a quick recovery Berin.
  7. Para sport powerlifting day at the commonwealth games today.

    1. johnnyboy


      Looking at the judging on this, I don't think I have ever done a 'good' bench press in my life!

  8. I S P W L - Open Talk

    I would take part, I don't compete anywhere else so any time is good for me. Getting more people to take part would be great, maybe free gold membership for all competitors would help Seriously though is it possible to pm a reminder to all members, as I'm sure a lot of people just forget or are unaware of the comp.
  9. Umbilical Hernia.

    I had an umbilical hernia mesh repaired about 12 years ago. It wasn't keyhole surgery, still have the scar to prove it. The worst part of the surgery was when the surgeon phoned up just before I went in to the operating theatre to say he would be late, but it was ok for his trainee to carry on without him I had 10 weeks off work as I was a postman at the time which involved quite a lot of physical work. I didn't do any lifting of anykind for those 10 weeks (even though we moved house, fortunately my wife is naturally strong!). I started back slowly doing upper body lifts, I wasn't really doing any squats or deadlifts back then, so they weren't an issue. I never really think about it now, it never causes me any problems at all. My advice would be, be patient, do nothing for a while then start back real slow, it will be worth it in the long run.
  10. Hope you all had a good Christmas. Anyone get any lifting related presents?

    1. Growlanator


      got myself a nice pair of Adidas power perfect 2 :D

    2. Xispe


      Nice gift Growl!

      I treated myself witha PL belt and a singlet hehe

    3. jackbravo


      got an 8lb sledge from my inlaws

  11. Adidas Powerlift Trainer 2.0 Review

    Thanks for taking the time to review these. They seem to be a bit more expensive in the UK. £90 on Amazon.
  12. Unbelievable Squat

    Awesome strength and great speed. Unbelievable power to weight ratio. She made it look easy.