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  1. George Foreman Grill

    The GF is useful for cooking fatty meat (easy to drain fat away) and for cooking meat on both sides at once. It's a royal pain to clean. I rarely use it. IMO, a good frying pan is better value, easy to clean and more versatile than any griller. Also, a frying pan can serve as weapon during a zombie apocalypse...
  2. I see what you mean 5. I too had the same problem for far, far long (low bar and repeated shoulder injury...) Here's my earliest vid. I believe this was the first time I ever did a deadlift. I think I win the award for worse/most hilarious form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxtIHr-7plk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEYgsesbX4c
  3. Low Energy Levels

    One of the best meals in my arsenal is what my family calls "meat & macaroni". We have it almost every week because it's such an easy meal, kids are guaranteed to eat it and I will always have leftovers for lunch. In a frying pan, cook mince (ground) beef with some onion, garlic. Cook till meat is starting to get crispy Once cooked, add some cans of tomatoes and tomato paste. My ratio is about 1 can tomatoes per 4-500g (~1 lbs) of meat. We buy some 'savoury' tomatoes, with some spices in it, which makes it tastier and even easier. Leave to simmer for a bit Throw in some cooked macaroni once you're done and serve Kids love it, easy, cheap, heats up nicely, high in protein. You can add some more veg to it if you like i.e. frozen stuff. Great post-WO meal and, for a non-WO day, I don't eat the pasta. I always make extra to have the next day for lunch.
  4. I noticed FitDay has "Milk, Human" in the database of foods. Why would one need to know this?

    1. Jasper


      As long as they don't have 'Meat, Human' in their database we don't have to call the cops

    2. klimmilksq


      Nothing wrong with cannibalism.

    3. Jasper


      I love to think that some fed agent picked up on this and is know secretly monitoring this forum and its users, thanks to you K.

  5. Review Of Eric Cressey's "Show And Go"

    I see what you mean about the name Panglossian. Dan John refers to it as "looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" Thanks again for this writeup. There are so many ideas. I think I'm going to go off and read that program again! I'm hoping to get more advanced and improve some basic BW exercises (i.e. chins) so I seriously look at doing this program. As I mentioned before, it would be great if you could keep up a log. I'm sure many of us would be interested - myself included - to see what you're doing and how you get on with your next round of training.
  6. Review Of Eric Cressey's "Show And Go"

    Thanks for posting this review Panglossian! I own S&G, been following Cressey for years and am a big believer in mobility work. I too remember Mehdi mentioning that, about his program being better. Your review sums up a lot of my initial impressions about the program. I chose not to do it primarily because I was more into the beginner camp. My secondary concern is the sheer amount of learning involved, as you mentioned. Seems like my brain can handle learning a few things but too many new things can be overwhelming, especially when pressed for time. Great to hear that you were able to recover from your injury. Sounds brutal! I'm still keen on doing it one day. I remember someone else here (Helm?) mentioning he was thinking of doing it as well. If you have the time, it would be great if you could keep a log. I'd like to see how you get on and what you're up to.
  7. Sl Milestone And Advice

    Hello Oldranger. Starting up a log is a great idea. FWIW, I'm a bit taller than you and it sounds like I was in a similar place... though I'm only 33 yo... but I do have 2 kids so it feels like an extra 10 years at times! Good news is that if you keep at it you can achieve some significant gains. SL5x5 does sound like a good idea for now (I've done it twice).
  8. Cold Weather Training

    I was debating that. My knees and elbows are not happy in cold weather
  9. Cold Weather Training

    I found this excellent article by Bill Starr on training in cold weather. I also read something by Eric Cressey recently who recommended taking a warm shower before exercise in the morning. Most of you are moving into summer but my (unheated) garage is getting cooler each day and I've recently cut a lot of BF so I'm feeling it. What strategies do you use for cold weather training?
  10. Smith Machine - Oh No !

    Sounds like a good bet would be try and get a decent rack in your work gym. Even a simple squat stand could do the job.
  11. 10 Year Old Powerlifter

    That's awesome, thanks for sharing that Buffalo. My 7 yo lifts with me each sunday and I love showing her videos like this.
  12. Daughter Wants To Start Lifting Weights!

    I've got to run but quickly wanted to say: my daughter got her 22.5 kg deadlift! And turns out she weights 24.5 kg, so we're very close to a BW deadlift I'm very proud of her today.... as I always am At one point she was in tears, telling me it's too hard to do 20 kg with my bar and the wooden plates. Just my luck, that's exactly the moment my wife came in.... Daughter was fine. I made her laugh, got her to stop overthinking it and it went up fine with lots of smiles.
  13. Importance Of Milk

    Sums up my feels about it. It's food, has nutritional value but I don't consume a lot of it nowadays. Regarding GOMAD, I've been meaning to say this for a while... I was the poster boy for GOMAD over at Stronglifts. Mr "25 lbs in 25 days". I did gain weight and I did get stronger but by no means was that all muscle. Heck, depending what numbers I use it says I effective gained no LBM between now and then! I feel terrible, as the write up about my experience was used/sold by Mehdi as magic And look at me, in my before photo in the 90 day comp... Yes, not everyone wants/needs/cares about being cut but I just didn't like how I felt, let alone how I looked. My final thoughts on milk, GOMAD: * IMO, GOMAD is overkill. I was slowly putting on weight before GOMAD and I reckon I could have continued to do so with a modest surplus * IMO, nothing wrong with milk (I use 1-2 glasses of it post-workout) but I don't think large quantities are a good idea. I remember how I felt back then; I feel much better nowadays. I've also been meaning to write Mehdi, ask him to remove me from his list of 'success stores', remove my story about the weight gain, etc. But fuck it, that's the past and the future is all that matters. Going forward, I'd like to be known - here - as the guy that cut a lot of weight. I originally wrote something much more detailed but I've cut it down to this. I'm not trying to argue/debate with anyone. I just want to say my piece and move on.
  14. Thanks Keenan. Why primarily the casein? Is it primarily for the slow releasing effect of casein or for some other reason(s)? With the whey, are you using it at specific times (i.e. post-workout) or just to mix it up?