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  1. Ex-Sl Members List

    Does anyone reckon Mehdi has an account on IS?
  2. Doug Hepburn Routines

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An5VJlVaSCZWdG9NNlREMHp1MHg0ajNLc0h5QmExM0E There are separate sheets for 2010, 2011 and now 2012. Note: some of the sheets have not been updated for a LONG time. For the Hepburn stuff (2011): 1st June->8th July BREAK 20th July->23rd August MAX OUT I did mess around with the rep numbers quite a bit - the above shceme is what I have settled on if you like.
  3. Doug Hepburn Routines

    Looking at back at my log I was doing exactly that yes. I did it for about 1.5 months total and made some good gains however I did have a two week break in the middle when I went on a hiking trip. I will put my log (a .xls file) from the last year or two up on Google Docs when I get the chance.
  4. Doug Hepburn Routines

    In the summer I did the following and got some decent results. Choose a suitable weight ~85-90% of 1RM = X kg 4x1@X 3x5@80% of X 5x1@X 1x6 2x5@80% of X 6x1@X 2x6 1x5@80% of X 7x1@X 3x6@80% of X 8x1@X 1x7 2x6@80% of X Workout 1: Squat+Bench Press Workout 2: Deadlift+Pull up Simply alternate - I got 3-4 workouts in a week just going by feel. Minimal assistance work. I did neglect the OHP - I am sure you could arrange things differently to include it.
  5. Ex-Sl Members List

    I have now officially requested that my SL gold membership be terminated - I do not mind losing log/blog since I have a spreadsheet with everything from last two years recorded anyway.
  6. This is the program I am doing at the moment - it is going very well - certainly gets challenging. The last few squat workouts (Week 7/8) have been Smolov-esque in their intensity. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An5VJlVaSCZWdEJlM1F1Z0dBZ3lpN0gzdXVtNnFQR2c&hl=en_GB
  7. Ex-Sl Members List

    Dear All, I used the name RupertTheBear and have now decided to move over here - this is my first post. I have not cancelled my SL Gold membership yet so if anyone has anything they want me to grab/delete for them just reply to this post. Btw, SL really has gone down the pan now as far as I am concerned - a sad state of affairs.