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  1. I dont' feel this is too damning...basically the participants were given a 730 calorie breakfast one day and another day they skipped breakfast. "When the researchers offered the participants lunch at the end of the study, people ate a fifth more calories if breakfast was missed." Now they don't quanitify the calories consumed at lunch, but a fifth more calories is still a reduction in total daily calories versus eating a 730 calorie breakfast, unless they were eating more then 3650 calories for lunch. Bottom line,the way I read this study, even if you are prone to eating more after fasting through breakfast, you'll likely still eat fewer calories.
  2. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    Thanks Spector - Think I'm going to pony up the cash for both in the very near future. Which style of minimus do you have? I'm leaning towards the minimus LIFE
  3. Britains Strongest Man Under 105Kg 2012

    Unbelievable - great vids, thanks for sharing! Amazing showing Mark
  4. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    So for the Do-Win wearers (is that even a word?)... I want to order a pair of the Rogue Do-Wins - the website says sizing runs "normal" whatever that means. Any real life perspective? My normal shoe size varies from 11-11.5 (US) and I'll order running shoes from 11.5-12. They say they have plenty of room in the toe and run wide which I dont' need so I'm leaning towards ordering a a size 11. Thoughts?
  5. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    Gotcha, thanks:)
  6. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    ^ this is kind of where I'm leaning. Get a decent pair of weightlifting shoes and wear them for everything. Although I do like the nb minimus shoes. Many would argue they are FAR uglier then the chucks, but to each his own.
  7. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    Lou, what are Deadlift slippers? And btw, your metal shoes rock.
  8. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    You may be, although I said a disclaimer ahead of time which makes it all ok...right? Something along the lines of, " no offence, but...."
  9. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    I was thinking something more along the lines of these Reeboks, or these New Balance shoes. Still minimalist without the toes
  10. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    Not sure where to find Kung Fu slippers in Washington state Although I had considered wrestling shoes...not really the same thing I'm guessing although my Kung Fu is weak in the slipper department
  11. So at the risk of offending the Chuck Taylor wearing hordes, I don't like them and don't want to buy them. Yes it's a rediculously vain thing probably, but I always thought they looked silly with athletic shorts and I don't want to wear them. However, I do acknowledge that my athletic shoes aren't doing me any favors deadlifting anyway, and I can't always deadlift barefood due to gym policies. Any recommendations? I'm also considering buying a weightlifting shoe such as the Do-wins but haven't decided there either. Is there issues with deadlifting in weightlifting shoes with a heel? Seems like a problem, but I know people do it. I'm considering some of the "mimimalist" style shoes which are supposed to give "feel" to the wearer like being barefoot. Thoughts?
  12. Bench PR today...Benched 300 lbs for the first time in my life...even got a second rep!

  13. Game Changers By Dan John

    Good article...I actually recently got into a discussion where I questioned when I would be "strong enough" and need to reevaluate my goals. Don't think I'm there yet, but the subjective definition of "enough" can be hard to define. Guess I the question I really need ask is what my goals are. Good read SB!
  14. A Calories Is Not A Calorie

    No, I totally think carb cycling CAN be effective - I've used it myself with some success. I actually followed a Lyle McDonald plan with low carb days and carb refeeds and realized a lot about what can work for me. That being said, I don't think there is any magic there (neither does Lyle Mcdonald). It's about reducing calories. In this case Carbs, but really the point was to ensure adequate protein (1 gram per lb of bodyweight), and cut carbs and fat calories. The reason for adequate protein wasn't for the thermic effect, but to try to spare lean body mass while cutting. The thermic effect was there - but was a side benefit. The ingested protien was there to try to keep the body from sacrificing muscle mass. Like most diets that profess that calories don't matter as long as you do "this" whatever "this" is...it's really just masking lower calorie consumption.
  15. A Calories Is Not A Calorie

    ^this is what I was trying to say above - although much more poorly. It's an interesting discussion for the nutrition nerds, myself included, but not of huge importance to the dieter trying to cut fat.