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  1. Stoked with deadlift PR! Has been way too long.

  2. Enjoy fellas http://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/n13d8/i_am_mark_rippetoe_author_of_starting_strength/
  3. Ex-Sl Members List

    Cheers, welcome nice to see the gradual influx continue.
  4. Breakfast!

    Depends... sometimes just 4 cups of coffee, and my first meal will be dinner. Sometimes it's last night's leftovers. If I'm being consistent - 4 eggs on 2 pieces of toast. Sunday is pancakeday
  5. Ex-Sl Members List

    Really? I hadn't spotted him. Good to hear, thanks!
  6. Why Do We Fear Squats?

    I have fear for squats... including the elevated heartbeat. Not because I'm afraid of not making it. I'm afraid of having to remove the weights, reset the bar, and add all the weight back on. And I'm lazy. Ok... I'm also afraid of failing the squat
  7. Ex-Sl Members List

    Hey Ghost Pretty good...can't complain. Another reason I need to keep lifting. I wonder if Quiver and Holvoetn will make it here at some point? I already spotted Bas (hi!) and perhaps Luco will also find this place.
  8. Ex-Sl Members List

    Hi all, I didn't maintain my training log, but still lurked on the SL forums. Sad how this thing went down. Good to see many familiar faces here! I still lift, mostly trying to get back to the level I had before I took a long break from it all due to life getting in the way Cheers everyone.