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  1. U F C

    Oh, I have no doubt you will see that. If there's one thing Dana White loves, it's makin money, and that fight will mint money. I'm calling it now, March of next year.
  2. U F C

    I'd have to agree with that, but I'm not up in arms about it like some people. I watched the post fight press conference and someone asked Dana if fans should feel cheated by the way it went down, which is just ignorance in my opinion. Silva went out and fought the way he wanted to fight and it turned out he was fighting someone who was quick enough and long enough to make that a bad idea. If Silva comes back in the rematch and beats the brakes off Weidman, I still won't say Silva gave him this fight. Plenty of guys have gotten lulled to sleep by Silva's antics and got knocked out. Weidman didn't. He threw a good punch at the right time. Hats off to him.
  3. U F C

    I have no preference either way on this one. I just want to see a good fight. Out of curiosity, why are you pulling for Anderson this time?
  4. U F C

    Unfortunate that Hendo had to pull out due to injury. I was really looking forward to that fight next weekend. I hope Machida accepts the rematch though. I think he can do better than the performance he put on the first time.
  5. Olympic Weightlifting Results Thread

    I've watched everyday. Great stuff. I can't wait for the big boys to put on a show.
  6. U F C

    I was rooting for Rashad (got a soft spot for the little guy), but in the end there just wasn't anything he could do to get Jones out of his comfort zone.
  7. U F C

    No thoughts on Evans vs Jones around here?
  8. Ncaa Tournament 2012

    I'm in Saint Joseph, which is the southwest corner on Lake Michigan. I have a cousin that graduated from IU, and I've been down for a few IU Purdue football games as well. Nice area.
  9. Ncaa Tournament 2012

    You live in Bloomington Marcio?
  10. Ncaa Tournament 2012

    Just saw this thread. I have Baylor and North Carolina in the Championship with North Carolina taking it down.
  11. Arnold 2012

    Powerlifting stream: http://www.allthingsgym.com/2012/03/arnold-classics-powerlifting-live.html The weightlifting stream is over on NBC universal sports I believe.
  12. Arnold 2012

    Strongman videos are being uploaded to youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/StrongmanClassic
  13. Arnold 2012

    Anyone interested in the Arnold Strongman event can go here for updates. http://marunde-muscle.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21632&page=5 Also the bodybuilding and figure contests are streaming live over on bodybuilding.com
  14. Tebow Mania!

    The only reason I enjoy the Broncos winning is that I can send the message "YOU JUST GOT TEBONED!!" to any friend I have that's a fan of the team they just beat. Other than that, boring teams like the Broncos winning football games is horrible for the NFL in general.
  15. Which Strongmen Comps Are Natural?

    I know that here in the US the NAS and ASC are not tested. Which I am all for. Drug testing in any strength sport is a flat out waste of time. Everyone knows what it takes to get to the top. You either want it that bad, or you don't. That's my take on it.