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  1. Home Gym Anyone?

    I managed to get practically everything essential for a home gym for just under £500. http://www.powerhous...mpaign=products http://www.ebay.co.u...4#ht_2099wt_906 http://www.ebay.co.u...f#ht_1538wt_906 The prices are slightly different from when i bought it but still seems a fairly cheap!
  2. Breakfast!

    Short and sweet; What do you eat for Breakfast?!
  3. Motivation

    I do eat breakfast most of the time, normally either an omelette or cottage cheese with a couple pieces of fruit and a pint of water. How do you go about counting calories? Would you have to weigh every portion of every different food in each meal or?
  4. Motivation

    Is there anything anyone can suggest to keep one motivated in terms of eating and sleeping properly? I'm finding it very hard at the moment to maintain a diet where i have any sort of chance of putting on weight. I have been wanting to build muscle for quite a long time yet it seems nothing was willing to make any difference; I have recently seriously stepped my eating in an attempt to actually see ANY sort of change in my body yet so far, nothing doing. The fact that for the month or so that i did manage to stick to my diet, i got no results, was also very demotivating. It also appears that several of my friends are blessed with being able to just eat large amounts of anything (read: crap) and get virtually no sleep whilst still putting on muscle, which is also very demotivating. I am currently trying the Stronglifts 5x5 program. Whilst i have faith that the program itself works, I have only recently begun it and am therefore not really lifting any actual heavy weights yet (Started from an empty olympic bar) - So this could also be a factor behind my lack of progress. Any and all help appreciated, I need it!!
  5. Opinions

    Sorry, i should have been much clearer in my layout. I'm not eating all of that in 1 day, i'm eating *1* option from each list for each meal if that makes sense? 3 whole pizzas a day is far more fat than im willing to go near! I do not have a specific weight i'd like to be to be honest, at the moment i consider myself very small and so can see my immediate goal being an increase in muscle mass for a fair amount of time. Ideally at the end of it all i would be around 150lb and at 9-11% bodyfat level whereas at the moment i'm just over 11 stone at probably just under 6 foot 1. I'd guess my bodyfat at being low to medium teens. I've recently started Stronglifts 5x5 and at 5 weeks or so into the programme i have got small to no gains and so thought if i posted a basic idea of what i've been eating then people might be able to point out where i've been going wrong. Cheers!
  6. Opinions

    Essentially i want to know all of your opinions on this eating schedule! Advice on any food changes, timings of eating, anything at all much appreciated! And it goes like this.. BREAKFAST - 6 egg omelette, with chopped peppers/broccoli/spinach and grated cheese (cheddar, parmesan, provolone) - 1 tub of cottage cheese (250g) with handful of almonds/cashews/walnuts/pistachio + 2 pieces of fruit. - Protein shake (PhD Synergy iso-7, if you're interested/have advice on that kinda stuff as well!) SNACK 1 - Protein shake with handful of (aforementioned) nuts and 3 pieces of fruit. - 3 slices of cheese on whole grain toast + nuts and fruit. - A whole pizza + nuts and fruit. LUNCH - Very large bowlful of pasta or rice with vegetables. - Omelette. - 4 slices of cheese on whole grain toast, with baked beans. - Whole pizza, with baked beans. - 3 Peanut butter sandwiches + assorted salad. SNACK 2 - Same as Snack 1. DINNER - I still live at home and, as such, my mother cooks an evening meal. This will constitute my final main meal of the day, although also dependent on what was eaten for lunch; If i had pasta for lunch, none for dinner. SNACK 3 - Same as snacks 1 and 2 - Slightly less emphasis on eating solid food due to its interference with sleeping. Alongside all meals, including snacks, i would consume 2 tbsp of olive oil and a pint of water. Thoughts? EDIT: Just realised i've posted this in the wrong place.. Moderators feel free to move as needed.