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  1. Weight Lifting Belt?

    I use a belt because I have degenerating discs and need all the help I can get, even though I'm not lifting heavy by most's standards. I warm up without one, then buckle up for the heavy sets every session. As others stated, it doesn't make you stronger, but gives you something to push your abs, obliques, etc. up against to protect the spine. I only have experience with one brand, but I've been very impressed with it after about 1.5 years of use. www.bestbelts.net
  2. Warming up for a one rep max

    I would follow the same protocol I do for a normal work out. You have an idea of your 1RM, so base your warm-up sets off that guesstimate. 5x2 reps with empty bar 5 reps at 40% 3-5 reps at 60% 2-3 reps at 80% 1 rep at 90% (maybe) Go for the gusto.
  3. I followed Starting Strength for 7 weeks, then moved on to the Avg F'n Program for another 6. Both were very good to me. As @idle mentioned, a warm-up routine is very personal. Mine consisted of the following: 500m row (about 2.5 minutes) Joe DeFranco's Limber 11 (not always all 11 exercises, but usually at least 8 or 9) Some shoulder warm-up exercises/stretches By this time I was warmed up and usually just starting to perspire a bit, which is when I would move into the power rack with the following: A set or two with the empty bar 5 @ 40% of working weight 5 @ 60% of working weight 3 @ 80% of working weight I'm back on 531 BBB now and doing basically the same thing. It works for me.
  4. Sbd Knee Sleeves

    I couldn't remember, so I whipped out a tape measure and checked my calves. They are 15.5" and I know my sleeves are a large, so that would be a tighter fit at that size. Once I get it over my calf it goes a bit easier.
  5. Sbd Knee Sleeves

    I have a pair and like them a lot. Although I didn't buy into the "two sizes smaller" idea. I just followed the fit guidelines on the website. They take a little finesse to put on, but getting them past my calf is the hardest part. If I remember the fit instructions correctly, you measure your knee and calf. If your calf is larger in diameter, you use that for sizing, which I did. Getting them off once coated in sweat is a tad more challenging because they stick a bit. Not a big deal though. I would think two sizes smaller would be almost impossible to put on and remove, not to mention walk. Did they add weight to my lifts? I'm not at a level where I can answer that objectively. My guess would be no, or negligible. I only bought them because my knees are horrible and I like the stability they provide.
  6. Questions About 531 Bbb And Beyond 531

    I think I may try the alternate stance for BBB. I liked pulling sumo when I did it over the winter, but once I got up around 65% of my current training max, it caused knee issues for me. Since I'll be working a bit lighter on BBB, I may give it a go again.
  7. Running And Lifting

    I don't agree with Nuckol's definition of fit. One could be categorized as physically fit, yet they can't just get under the bar and push/pull those numbers, nor perform a 5k in that time. You achieve those specific results by training for those specific results. /rant and hijack. fit adjective in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise. "I swim regularly to keep fit" synonyms: healthy, well, in good health, in (good) shape, in (good) trim, in good condition, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle; More
  8. Deadlifting W/rounded Back Video

    Came across this today and thought it interesting enough to share. I've never heard "lats into your front pockets" cue before.
  9. The 200Lbs Rule

    Don't be silly. Creating it would not make you a perv. The fact that you've been thinking about it is what makes you a perv.
  10. Scale

    Good to hear.
  11. The 200Lbs Rule

    I'm out.
  12. Yohimbe

    Thanks for the info - interesting stuff. No issues here with prescriptions or mood stabilizing drugs conflicts. I'm not necessarily trying it at this point, just gathering info on it. After dropping a ton of weight, I'm stuck with the last 10-15 pounds that won't budge. I've never tried IF and have only dabbled in fasted LISS cardio. I'll try those first to try to break through this plateau before trying a pill.
  13. Scale

    Weird. I disconnected and then reconnected to see if it worked. It opened another tab on my browser and asked me to confirm that I wanted the accounts linked. Then it took me to a page stating that they are linked and how I should log activities, etc. Did you get any of that when trying to connect?
  14. Yohimbe

    I recently read about yohimbe on examine.com and am intrigued. A forum search uncovered a smattering of logs that mention it, but most of those users appear to be long gone. Hopefully not due to complications from yohimbe use! Does anyone have any experience with it? Opinions? I'm more interested in the fat loss properties than the other effects.