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  1. Congrats to Adam! I wonder if his back ever managed to heal?
  2. Pain in left inner hip joint in bottom of squat

    Does changing your stance affect your pain levels?
  3. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Oh snap! IronStrong has been pretty quiet lately, good to see you online again!
  4. Overhead Press - Could it lead to lower back injury?

    +1 Everything Simon said. The trainer at your gym is full of shit.
  5. patella maltracking and squatssssss

    I have dealt with kneecap issues for the better part of 2016, and multiple times before. Each time the pain lessened with strengthening exercises ranging from squatting with a slower more controlled descent, isometric quad flexing, hamstring strengthening, glute activation but also stretching of the quads, hams, calves, hips, etc. Also don't be afraid to try different exercises. If deadlifting is still doable then deadlift or if lunges don't bother you do lunges, find exercises you can do comfortably with no pain. Knee pain really sucks, don't be dumb like I have been and try and push through it... that can just lead to messing up your technique, muscle imbalances and sets you back even more.
  6. Leg exercises

    Anything can define a good workout, be it getting more reps, more sets, improved form, increased weight or just a good feeling during/after the session.
  7. Leg exercises

    Soreness is not an indicator of a good workout.
  8. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Heretic
  9. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

  10. Eggs: Fried, Scrambled, or Boiled?

    The differences are fairly small and it's probably not gonna make or break ones progress, other things related to motivation will be more apt to hold back progress.
  11. Working to get Stronger

    It could, but generally I find if I just get some light movement in I can lessen the soreness. Even attempting to flex seems to help for me atleast. Sleep helps too.
  12. Working to get Stronger

    Muscle soreness tends to dissipate fairly quickly and sometimes feels better after some light movement. Injuries tend to be fairly obvious and well painful.
  13. Working to get Stronger

    You should take a look at the success story of Jesse "Wetbreasts" Shand, he lost a large amount of weight and he logged his activities daily online. Here is the link to the article on bodybuilding.com: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/350-pounds-and-counting-jesse-shands-incredible-journey.html Don't be discouraged if progress is slow or if there are any bumps along the way. We all have to start somewhere. Best of luck.
  14. Bar height with 30 mm plates

    https://www.amazon.com/Body-Solid-Body-Solid-Olympic-Adapter/dp/B003TPREXO ^ Something like this?
  15. Si Joint Pain

    I have experience with this, I've had 2 pretty bad sacroiliac joint injuries. 1. Rest may do the trick if it's just a mild injury, if there is any displacement of the joint you may need help from a physiotherapist. Rest is really a factor dependent on many variables and injuries do not have set time frames in which they heal. 2. I found when I could return to squats and deads I had to really (and I mean REALLY) focus on proper abdominal bracing. You may find even when the area has healed that you might still have mild pain at times. 3. I had been given recommended stretches, mostly none of them I did because they only made things more painful for me. Do some searching around google to see if you can find anything that might help you in the stretching department. I did find glute activation exercises brought me the most relief when it was really bad but did not solve the problem. 4. Anything that isn't painful really, so whatever upper body lifts don't bother it, leg curls could work so long as you don't end up in hyperextension in your back. Bulgarian split squats could help, if you can do lunges painfree they could be helpful. Basically train around the injury. This site http://breakingmuscle.com/mobility-recovery/why-your-si-joint-is-such-a-pain-and-4-exercises-to-fix-it-0 has some fairly decent information, I would take the advice of seeking professional help if you can.
  16. Pop In My Leg Doing Squats

    Twas to the op of the thread. But your roll and pop could be meniscus or ligament related?
  17. Pop In My Leg Doing Squats

    Could be your iliotibial band snapping over a bony protrusion, or it could be an injury of the vastus lateralis muscle.
  18. I agree here, I'm not gonna say overtraining doesn't exist. But I imagine it takes a lot of whatever it may be to really see its symptoms. I am aware that Clarence Kennedy was a supporter of high frequency, he was training 2x/day, probably the whole week through give or take some "deload" days. However he still wound up requiring knee surgery for a very serious case of patellar tendonitis. Jeremy Hamilton mentioned this on Omar Isuf's youtube, that endlessly grinding reps actually builds the sticking point in causing even good lifts to have a point where you slow down. High frequency training combined with daily max singles is doable, but that daily max has to be actually below actual max, and it will fluctuate daily. I think daily training can be ok, as long as you monitor volume/intensity and can accept the fact that some sessions will require less work because of other factors. I agree, as soon as I detect my technique or positions changing and degrading I will shorten the set and leave some in the tank.
  19. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Maybe do some soft tissue work on the upper back, or get a massage or something.
  20. Lower Back Strain And Hip Pain

    Interesting that you injured your lower back on front squats. What kind of lower back injury? Herniated disc? Strained muscles? Have you tried just doing bench and other upper body stuff that doesn't require much lower back usage?
  21. Art keep posting, you've almost got Idle! http://i.imgur.com/8QwNXRl.png

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