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  1. Anyone still here?

    Well, at least he is consistent.
  2. Anyone still here?

  3. Anyone still here?

    I think probably some have stopped lifting, gone to other forums or still lift and don't go on any forums. I hope the forum gets more lively again.
  4. Anyone still here?

    I'm in and out. The forum is seemingly dying, which is too bad considering all the effort to make it happen.
  5. Congrats to Adam! I wonder if his back ever managed to heal?
  6. Pain in left inner hip joint in bottom of squat

    Does changing your stance affect your pain levels?
  7. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Oh snap! IronStrong has been pretty quiet lately, good to see you online again!
  8. Overhead Press - Could it lead to lower back injury?

    +1 Everything Simon said. The trainer at your gym is full of shit.
  9. patella maltracking and squatssssss

    I have dealt with kneecap issues for the better part of 2016, and multiple times before. Each time the pain lessened with strengthening exercises ranging from squatting with a slower more controlled descent, isometric quad flexing, hamstring strengthening, glute activation but also stretching of the quads, hams, calves, hips, etc. Also don't be afraid to try different exercises. If deadlifting is still doable then deadlift or if lunges don't bother you do lunges, find exercises you can do comfortably with no pain. Knee pain really sucks, don't be dumb like I have been and try and push through it... that can just lead to messing up your technique, muscle imbalances and sets you back even more.
  10. Leg exercises

    Anything can define a good workout, be it getting more reps, more sets, improved form, increased weight or just a good feeling during/after the session.
  11. Leg exercises

    Soreness is not an indicator of a good workout.
  12. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Heretic
  13. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

  14. Eggs: Fried, Scrambled, or Boiled?

    The differences are fairly small and it's probably not gonna make or break ones progress, other things related to motivation will be more apt to hold back progress.