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  1. Should have done his deadlifts:

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    2. 5inthehall


      Or, being kind, maybe he'd applied sunscreen and his hands were greasy. Been there.

    3. Beasty


      Yeah, this story sort of pisses me off. It obviously wasn't a lack of strength that causes him to be unable to open the bottle. Yet, because he is big everyone had to point fingers and laugh while calling him a meathead steroid user when that is unconfirmed. Shaming someone for wanting to be in good physical shape and assumingly living a healthy lifestyle? Please go.

    4. johnnyboy


      Looks like someone passed the bottle to him to open for them. He passes it back when he fails to open it. He is obviously of above average strength. Makes me supicious.

  2. GOMAD? Try Gallon of Milk in 22 seconds!

    1. bosworth


      curdling cheese vomit!

    2. silverback


      Worse, if he's like me, he's lactose intolerant...

  3. For a few months now instead of doing 3 or 5 sets of chin ups, I've been doing 10 sets to failure. Slowly but surely I am improving my chin up ability and building up my back.Try it out sometime. It's not easy but well worth it.

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    2. Neptune


      What if you're a normal human being?

    3. 5inthehall


      10 sets, huh? How many times per week?

    4. Maslow


      Twice per week. I just posted "my" new program that I've developed in my log if you're interested.

  4. Lifting Shoes

    I have the answer: Iron Eve. I got these shoes for my wife a couple years ago and she loves them! They are made at a woman-owned business in Baltimore for women. I talked to the owner on the phone and she's great. I ordered wife a pair in her normal shoes size (9) and they fit perfectly. http://www.ironeve.com/
  5. I finally got around to reading John McCallum's "Keys to Progress" series. Great stuff! Highly motivating! A must read for anyone serious about being big and strong. http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Keys-Progress-John-McCallum/dp/0926888013

    1. Steve


      Thanks...will check it out

    2. Maslow


      Great. Let me know what you think!

  6. I'm not sure which I want more: a body like his or an outfit like that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBVk071N88M

  7. There is no soreness quite like RDL soreness. First time I ever thought twice about tying my shoes.

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    2. klimmilksq


      I'm with Adam.

    3. AkumaZ


      try it with a snatch grip next time =)

    4. Maslow


      ^Oh man that sounds painful...maybe I'll have to try!

  8. Let's go Caps!

    1. Jimagenesis


      We shall see! Some great hockey so far.

    2. Buffalo150
  9. Everybody wants to be a body builder but nobody wants to lift these heavy ass weights!

    1. NineOne


      I want to lift them... :(

    2. CarlHmS


      ha, Ronnie has it backwards. I want to lift those heavy ass weights but I don't want to be a body builder. Nevertheless I get his point.

  10. If you do not squat all the way down at least twice a week then I'm not interested in anything you have to say regarding physical fitness.

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    2. Kilim


      Baby Jesus cries whenever I see someone do 1/4 squats!

    3. CarlHmS


      Toddlers usually squat all the way down way more than twice a week.

    4. MarkG


      If this was a TV show, it would turn out that Maslow WAS holding the bar wrong... :)

  11. Text message exchange with wife just now. Wife: "Hey, I can't decide if I should go to the gym, exercise at home, or just rest today. What do you think?" Me: "What would Arnold do?"

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    2. Roupes
    3. Maslow


      Ha! Yeah, I suppose the answer to "WWAD?" nowadays is "apparently, almost anything." That's one major character flaw, so he's now a 99/100 in my book.

    4. FerrousMaverick


      "I got 99 problems..."

    1. CarlHmS


      What do people think is going to happen when they jump on a squishy unstable ball full of air?

    2. Frozen


      ^ Exactly what I was thinking.

  12. Ex-Sl Members List

    Welcome! Definitely create a log and post around so people see you.
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    2. Steve


      The guy admits he was an asshole in his youth and ate himself into health problems. As far as natty...If he juiced instead of eating at McDonalds every day, he might have another set of health problems

    3. Buffalo150


      Better to die on your feet than live on your knees...

    4. Jasper


      His name should be CT Flexer. Heh.