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  1. Beta-Alanine And Creatine

    I hear ya Rob, totally agree with pet hates, been around long enough to know the marketing bs. I'll have too put my kevlar on and tiptoe through the minefield lol, think I will give the CM a go when Im a couple of weeks into BA.
  2. Beta-Alanine And Creatine

    You know what Mav, the more people who offer up a supplement and the more I research I'm really starting to think that your right, save the money and keep it simple, unless your jacking roids, are we merely parting with our hard earned cash for a subconscious buzz?
  3. Beta-Alanine And Creatine

    Those were my thoughts exactly, how deep do some studies go , as you say BA is accumulative by effect so I don't think you can really justify results unless you have a solid three month period to go by, as for side effects I've had tingles but not in the place I think your on about lol.
  4. Beta-Alanine And Creatine

    Certainly seems that opinions are divided within the case studies undertaken, however there are a lot of personal reviews that say they have had fantastic results, I'll keep you posted on my own results.
  5. Anyone tried this combo, looked at a lot of research which gives it glowing references apart from the tingles from the BA.
  6. really feeling my quads after low bar squat, should`nt it be my glutes and hams? pb`s by the way today:)

    1. DonkeyKong


      Depends on your stance - wider hits the hips more, narrower hits the quads and hams more.

    2. Frozen


      It also matters which areas of your body are strong. If your posterior chain is stronger than your quads, then you would probably feel in more there.

  7. The Squat

    is it pain or just muscle soreness? i thought mine was pain but realised it was just the muscles around the knee saying "Yeeesssss i freakin love squats"
  8. squats today were terrible, I think working 220 hours in 3 weeks in the construction industry may be the cause.

    1. CrazyGator


      Probably. Rest is important to lifting but a paycheck is needed to live. Bummer.

  9. Really found 130kg DL heavy

  10. 67 hour working week, young family and still training hard... don't tell me you ain't got the time lol.

  11. pr on bench, squat and row, happy days.

    1. NeilPorter


      Great work Big Bear...keep at it

  12. back to work.....bo**ocks

  13. Best days surf so far dudes!

    1. johnnyboy


      Where are you?

    2. bigbear36


      I'm in your County mate at Croyde beach, glorious sunshine and the waves were as clean as a whistle in the morning.

    3. johnnyboy


      Nice. Croydes great, not far from me. I'm near Combe Martin. You're lucky with the weather its been shit here until this week!

      Hope the surf stays up dude.

  14. Internal Bleeding

    I presume mate, and I'm no expert, it is when small internal blood vessels burst and a leave a small pocket of blood which disperses over time.