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  1. I really appreciate that you guys took your time to read my post and reply. Really THANKS! And so that I am now much more Informed, i think i'll try LOMAD instead! So Carl, when you were doing GOMAD you just couldn't eat since all that milk was stuffing you right, and that led you to a slower weight gaining? So if im going to do LOMAD i will add it on the food i regularly eat and add in some strength training. I saw some pictures of a guy who did GOMAD but did not do any sort of exercise at all and he got a big belly
  2. hi im 18 years old and i need help gaining weight. I am currently 5'6 and only wigh in 108-110 which is really skiiny, and i hate it! so im going to try gomad and i want to be more informed about it and hopefully get some tips with gaining weight. Thanks
  3. Hi I am 18 years old and i am 5'6 but i only weigh in about 108-110 and that is REALLY SKINNY TRUST ME! so i have read about the GOMAD diet but i just want to be more informed and was hoping for extra tips for gaining some weight. Don't worry i have some resistence bands and the iron gym to go along with the diet so i don't end up having a belly!