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  1. Dup Program

    FM....Thanks for the feedback....Much Appreciated.
  2. Dup Program

    So what program would you guys recommend.....I'm restricted to my rack and barbell. I would prefer more volume than SL and I need to leave out Squats until I get my knee checked out.
  3. Dup Program

    Fair enough......probably not eating big. Maybe I need to re-evaluate.....
  4. Dup Program

    darkangel.....Thanks for the reply. I've been lifting for 2 years.....not a lot. Used SL for a year, made good progress....but I think that's what pushed my knee issue.....too much, too fast. I look at squat form being like a golf swing, rarely perfected, I don't think my form is bad.....not perfect but not bad. After SL I mostly ran programs that were a 4 day/week (Candito, couple I made up on my own)....all had heavy deadlifts at least twice a week. The KB Swings I'm using as a fat loss/cardio type of excercise.....I'm an office worker, so not a lot of moving around each day. Plus, if I feel wiped from the previous workouts, I'll skip these. Currently on week 2 of this.....week one was tough, did not do any KB's.....didn't lift for 3 weeks prior over xmas. This week feels much better.....still haven't done KB's but looking to work them in next week if my body is saying "do it". The main point of this program for me is getting more volume in (more than 5x5), trying to keep the workouts 45min-1hr......while still progressing strengthwise.
  5. Dup Program

    Hi Guys, Wondering if I could get some feedback on this style of training. I've been researching it a while and came up with something to try... Goals are to build some mass.....I've done SL for a year, and since been experimenting with different programs.....I gained some strength but not much in size, and I feel that gaining some size will help progress further. I do not have squats included in this at this time.....left knee has given me grief with squats for the last year (crackles at depth, and gives pain at higher weight), am seeing a specialist do evaluate. - The KB days are intended as an HIIT excercise. - E = Endurance, P = Power/explosive, H = Hypertrophy, S = Strength - % are all of 1RM Thanks for the feedback! Sunday KB Swing 100@45lb Monday OHP 50% E 3x25 Bench 70% P 6x3 Deadlift 70% H 4x10 Tuesday OHP 70% H 4x10 Bench 80% S 5x5 Deadlift 70% P 6x3 Wednesday KB Swing 100@ 45 Thursday OHP 70% P 6x3 Bench 50% E 3x25 Deadlift 80% S 5x5 Friday OHP 80% S 5x5 Bench 70% H 4x10 Deadlift 70% H 4x10 Saturday KB Swing 100@ 45
  6. Sore Knee

    Hey guys.....need some help on this again. Have done stretching, foam rolling, deloaded.... Back to the same problem.....occasionally my knee on the inside under the cap gets a sharp pain. I'm thinking it has to be form.....my other lifts are progressing.....my PR on deadlift is 355lbs. So I feel it can't be a core strength problem. My squat is stuck at 225lbs. Here is a video of my form.....would appreciate any help.
  7. Sore Knee

    Just wanted to give an update on this. Have worked in more stretching and foam rolling into my warmup routine. Has definitely helped. I did a hefty deload to help give time for the stretching to help. In back up to 80% of my previous max and things feel good. Will keep you posted and Thanks again for the help on this.
  8. Sore Knee

    This is great stuff guys.......I am a desk jockey all day and have felt that my hams may be tight/imbalanced and have worked more of these types of exercises into my routine. I will try each of your suggestions and report back in a couple weeks........again, much appreciated!
  9. Sore Knee

    Hey guys. Wondering if any of you could help me diagnose a sore knee that I have developed doing squats. While doing heavy squats I get a pain in my left knee on the inside just under the knee cap. I have posted form videos here and had pretty good feedback. I have worked to keep my knees out and from going in front of my toes. Sometimes I feel like I may lean forward a bit on the heavy lift or have a more 'good morning' style upper half of the squat. Has anyone had a knee issue like this and overcome it? If so, what was the issue? I'm lost in this and it is keeping me from progressing!! Thanks!
  10. Advice On Sl 5X5 To 3X5

    Just an update for you guys.....the switch to 3x5 is great!! All my lifts went up each workout this week.....and didn't burn me out! Deadlifted 1x3 @ 295 with relative ease last night and it felt great.....put on another 10 lbs and did it once.....just to say I broke the 300lb mark! Thanks for all the advice......very happy with the switch.
  11. Advice On Sl 5X5 To 3X5

    Sorry for empty reply there..... Thanks for the replies guys. I will try keeping my current weight. Switch to 3x5 and see how it goes.
  12. Advice On Sl 5X5 To 3X5

    Hey Guys.... would like to have some advice on where I'm at with SL5x5 and if you think I should move to a 3x5. All my lifts are still at the 5x5, and all but Deadlift have had 2 deloads. (1 for deadlift). Current Stats - 187lbs, been on SL5x5 for 18 weeks.....everything started with empty bar. Squat currently doing 225lbs 5x5.....but its kicking the crap out of me, feel spent after squats. Bench currently at 150lbs 5x5......been working some extra sets on dealifts days just to try and improve....it has helped. Barbell Rows currrently at 155lbs 5x5.....these sets are getting tough, formseems to deteriorate at this weight. Overhead Press currently at 95lbs 5x5.....OHP is my nemesis....have deloaded 3 times. Deadlift currently at 275lbs 1x5.....this feels like my max right now....may deload soon. Thinking of moving all my lifts to a 3x5 (except Deadlift) as I feel that they are all near my max, workouts are getting too long with 2-3 min rests and they are really draining me by the time the last excercise comes.....don't want form to deteriorate from exhaustion. I don't think my eating is an issue, I am getting the calories I need....sleep has been good. Thanks for any advice!!