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  1. Squat Stand With Safety Arms?

    Hey Ferris, I can sympathise with the budget concerns, but I would go for a full rack instead of the half. It's just safer, although I have several things from Rogue and I have no doubt it's high quality. If you must be in around the $300 mark, the powerline rack ships new from 'jessup's gym' for right around that. I would rather have that over the s-line for squats and safety. If you really want something that costs more, just take your money out of the bank and hide it...bury it in your back yard so nobody can steal it out from under you while you accumulate more treasure And you should definitely be scouring craigslist daily!
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs And Muscle Recovery

    2400 per day was all they (dr's) wanted me taking for herniated disc pain. if you felt the need to exceed that i'd consult a medical dr, as there might be something more appropriate for you to be taking/doing. but yeah, if you an abscesed tooth or sciatica, 1200 of ibuprofen isn't going to help.
  3. Trouble With High Bar Squats - Lower Back...

    You also mention in the title you're doing high bar squats. With that in mind, you probably don't want a lot of forward lean that might be displayed in some of the starting strength videos. They would have the bar lower. With high bar squats you'd have a longer lever arm against your low back if you lean over horizontally. I used to do this and it's not good...
  4. Vertical Leg Press Machine, Are They Any Good?

    If you want to do leg presses for whatever reason, the advantage to the vertical ones is you need much less weight and the equipment profile is small. Regular leg presses are usually very big pieces and the weight travels on an incline, so it would require much more weight to have an equivalent 'hardness' compared with a vertical one. The powerline one pictured isn't terribly high quality...400 lb limit doesn't scream confidence in the engineering of it, but 400 pounds lifted vertically is still...400 lbs.
  5. Ex-Sl Members List

    It looks like he's accepting new members if you want to keep forking over your money. http://stronglifts.c...-5x5-is-a-scam/ "Stay Strong, thanks Mehdi, Jake and the inner circle -StrongLifts Inner Circle Gold Member Troy D." lol...who would write that? It looks like he's still using the testimonials of people he booted to help sell his stuff as well. http://strongliftsinnercircle.com/jointoday/
  6. Really???

    My problem with this scenario/analogy is that the chicken nugget substitution seems more like them forcing your kid to wear a long sleeve shirt instead of a short sleeve one on a slightly breezy day.
  7. Really???

    Wow, I'm astounded and embarassed for NC (as I live here). I can see some logic in encouraging a better lunch than a twinkie and a coke, but this is ridiculous. If the staff are empowered to make such a substitution they should have some sense and training, and have some reasonable criteria on when to make an 'intervention'. I'm not at all pleased about hearing this as one of my daughters has a fairly serious tree-nut allergy and I don't like the idea of them switching out anything than what we've already packed. I can forsee us packing a seriously worded note along with the food for every lunch...
  8. Great job Adam! Keep it going...
  9. Your Favourite Diy/makeshift Equipment

    I've seen some writeups of people using builder's trestles for spotter pillars or as a liftoff platform for belt squats...they look interesting, but I'm wondering if they are a UK thing? I haven't seen any thing quite like this in the USA.
  10. Ex-Sl Members List

    http://articles.elitefts.com/articles/iron-brothers/attention-everyone-who-has-ever-wanted-to-gain-massive-size/ People here will probably get a kick out of that link...it really reminds me of the latter day SL format.
  11. Cortisol, The Stress Hormone

    Uh-oh...I better put my coffee mug down. Actually this is something I want to tackle, but I'm personally putting it off for the moment until I can get a solid, cleaner, pattern of eating established. It seems like a trade-off, as it's also somewhat of an appetite suppressant...but I can appreciate how in excess it might mess with your hormones in a negative way.
  12. Diy Chain Yoke Ideas?

    Looks like a good time.
  13. Starting Strength Website Down?

    I guess you guys didn't get the memo about the starting strength inner sanctum. It's now a pay site to become an 'iron' member. If you didn't pay, you got banned/ip blocked.
  14. Adding Intensity To 5/3/1

    You might want to give this article by Jim Wendler and Bryan Krahn a read if you haven't already... http://www.t-nation....nt/531_reloaded