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  1. Doit's Home Gym

    Anyone heard of or had experience with Again Faster? https://europe.againfaster.com/en-gb/shop/bumper-plates/again-faster-competition-plate-package/ I read one review, that said the bolts started to come loose from the steel disk in the middle of plate, which doesn't sound promising. Though he claims they have started manufacturing it with new bolts. The thing with the bumpers, is that I want to be 100% I get quality, so that future purchase of bumper plates will be the exact same brand.
  2. Doit's Home Gym

    Right now im at a stand still on the bumper plates. Quite frustrating since I got my salary and I am ready to do the purchase. Im not convinced on the Rogue KG Hi-Temp plates, mainly because of the seemingly uncontrollable high bounce. And the regular Rogue Bumper Plates are not in stock, plus I have heard they make lots of noise, which could lead to some angry neighbours. But this I am not sure about, they seem fine though. Would probably buy those if they was in stock. I really want the Rogue Colored Comp/training plates or Pendlay, but I just cant find these for shipping to europe. :/
  3. Doit's Home Gym

    That looks pretty solid and safe, maybe I should open up for the Squat rack with safeties. Need to discuss with my brothers btw solid lifts! Yeah I love those competition bumpers, such a bummer they dont have it on the european part of Rogue.
  4. Doit's Home Gym

    SilverOx: Unfortunately, didnt seem like the shipped abroad. Could only choose UK or Ireland. Ferrous: I also favor those bumpers you mentioned. But they don't have them in stock and god know how long will take to get them in again. As you might understand, im all itchy to buy all as soon as possible I will look for other options in Europe in the mean time. Still wished the eleiko/werksan comp bumpers was in the european store of rogue too. About the bench, I was concerned about the dimension. How about the Rogue one, for 60$ more? http://www.rogueeurope.eu/rogue-bolt-together-utility-bench Im used to the simplest squat racks there is on the olympic lifting gym, but in this case i really want a sturdy power cage, since I prioritize safety highly. Especially on the benchpress I want to be 99% safe, due to a past shoulder injury which makes my shoulder feel unstable. Here in Norway, its not that common for people to rig up Home Gyms for squatting, deadlifting or olympic lifting. You only find those who set up maybe a bench, a treadmill or multitraining equipment. So not so much help to find here. Thanks for inputs!
  5. Doit's Home Gym

    Making a Home Gym have been in my mind for many years, and now I have finally decided its time! But as I am inexperienced with any equipment other than Eleiko (Which is too expensive for a student like me), I need some help and advice what equipment to choose. I will list all the equipment I have found, and would be very happy if I could get some feedback on what I picked. I still haven't bought anything, still in the planning phase. I want to mainly use the equipment for olympic lifts (C&J / Snatch) and the 3 big lifts (Squat, DL and bench), my lifting PR's are in my Signature so you guys have a idead of my working weight would be. Keep in mind that I live in Norway, and many of the American sites does not ship here, unfortunately. This Thread I will dedicate to post pics and progress on me and my Brothers Home Gym Olympic Barbell: I need my bar for Olympic lifting, and the 3 big lifts mainly. My Pick: Rogue Olympic WL Bar - http://www.rogueeurope.eu/rogue-olympic-wl-bar-eu Bumper Plates: I was thinking of buying either of these, but not sure which. If there's another better option, im glad to get notified. Either: Rogue KG Bumper Plates by Hi-Temp (150kg Set) - http://www.rogueeurope.eu/rogue-kg-bumper-plates-by-hi-temp-1 or: Rogue KG Bumper Plates (150kg Set) - http://www.rogueeurope.eu/kg-rogue-bumpers-eu I kinda favor the second one, mainly cause I don't like what I hear about how much it bounces compared to the other, and because the width on the plates. Anyone have experience with these? Bench: This one is from a Norwegian supplier, and im not sure on the quality or the durability. But I assumed it should be just fine. Something I should keep in mind before deciding? Pick: Pivot 120 Flat bench HD - http://www.sportsmaster.no/Styrke/Frivektsapparater/PM120%20kraftig%20flat%20benk.aspx Power Rack: This one im really unsure about. I found one for 480 dollars, but the max weight it withstand is at 182kg, which seems rather weak? At double the price, I get one that withstands up to 450kg. I want to do a investment that ensures me a rack that doesn't need to replaced in a long time. Either: Pivot 128 Power Cage HD - http://www.sportsmaster.no/Styrke/Frivektsapparater/PM128%20tung%20power%20cage.aspx Rack weighs: 169kg Max Capacity: 450kg or Pivot 475 Power Cage - http://www.sportsmaster.no/Styrke/Frivektsapparater/Pivot%20475%20Power%20Cage.aspx Rack weighs: 78kg Max Capacity: 182kg The cheap one seems some light, and fragile compared to the other, but would be the best for my wallet. Though I favor the strong one, cause I want to invest in something that will last. You guys have probably never heard of Pivot, neither do I, so im kinda skeptic that this is some commercial gym product that is mediocre. Lifting platform: Will make of plywood and horse stall mats. Will update more on this. So does this seem good for a Home gym? I appreciate any feedback or suggestions, these picks are not made in stone yet. The worst thing I could do is to make a bad investment for alot of money and time. Thanks in advance! Before Pics: Alot of work to do!
  6. On fire waiting to start 5/3/1 program today!

    1. NeilPorter


      Great program - you will love it...will catch up on your log later today...

    2. doit


      I don't doubt I will! You are more than welcome:) Ill catch up yours too after workout.

  7. 5/3/1 Spreadsheet

    Wow, thank you so much. This spreadsheet looks so good, and motivates me even more to try out 5/3/1. I agree that the field which calculates the number of reps required to beat previous effort, is really helpful for pushing the limits.
  8. Anterior Subluxation In Shoulder

    thanks for sharing! Taking a MRI is definitely a good idea, so I think ill jump on that one,for a starter. Wanted to avoid surgery, but if that is what it takes to get better, then I guess I want to do it. Lets see what they can find out first, then ill bump this thread again and share the experience.
  9. Olympic Weightlifting Training Videos

    Here's a video with analysis of alot of lifts, and comparisons on whats wrong and whats not etc. Really fascinating video in my opinion 4:39 for some heavyweight show off in athletics.
  10. Hi. I really need some help to figure out a way to heal my injury. Background: Injuried my shoulder/arm in a snatch, when I failed to get under the bar completely and my arm got stuck. Led to my arm getting pressed down behind me farther than comfort zone you can say... Now I got shoulder instability, Anterior, which means my humerus bone gets presed out in front of the shoulder pretty easy. The arm slips out of the socket easy after that injury. I have been googling and searching for answer, but it doesnt look like there exist a surefire way to heal this injury.. Game over? The only thing i get over, is some info about it and then they are selling off some equipment for healing, which looks ridicoulus. I have been to physio and shoulder experts for a huge amount of money, and they have only been massaging around the shoulder and told me to continue training their routine for months and year. Every time I check in again, they say it looks better, but it aint feeling like that. Im still having a huge problem with it feeling like its slipping out of its place when training. Im losing confidence on those so called experts, and they told me it would only take the summer with this training to get good again. I have now been training my rotator cuff muscles for many many months, without effect. Is there someone good at this field or know some good articles/source about this? Thanks in advance