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  1. hey Kenn have you stayed in contact with Adam? is he still lifting?
  2. coming back

    just thought i would stop in and say hi, its been awhile. Hope to be back full force soon looks like it has gotten a little quiet
  3. coming back

    thanks guys, same ol same ol. have not been able to squat much the last little while and without squatting i have 0 motivation. i have been feeling better as of late
  4. Best Online Website For Buying Powerlifting Gear

    http://www.howmuchyabench.net/sling-shot-neoprene-knee-sleeves https://inzernet.com/search_results_belts.asp?txtsearchParamTxt=&txtsearchParamCat=8&txtsearchParamType=ALL&txtsearchParamMan=ALL&txtsearchParamVen=ALL&txtFromSearch=fromSearch&iLevel=1 this is what i have, not from the same website but love them both
  5. Happy Canada Day!!!!

  6. squatted for the first time in awhile last night, feels good to be sore

    1. Steve


      was it a layoff from injury?

  7. anyone buy the 70's big LP book?

    1. 5inthehall


      I was hoping somebody would say they had, but I guess not. You gonna buy it, edge?

    2. edge121212


      ya I think I will, when I have some time to read it

    3. 5inthehall


      Lemme know what you think of it.

  8. finally hit 5 plates today

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    2. MarkG


      You know what, edge? I never thought you'd get there at one stage. You were like 1, then 2, then back to 1 again, then 2, than back to 1, then 2. I thought you were stuck in that rut for life.

      Go, edge12345! :)

    3. Jasper


      Good curling keep it up

    4. edge121212


      hahaha trolls everywhere:)

  9. Your Most Recent Buys

    hey i got mine today also, i am pleasantly surprised with the knurling much more aggressive then my castro or chan bar but not as aggressive as the texas power bar. love the bare steel can't wait to use it tonight
  10. U F C

    DC takes the belt tomorrow
  11. Your Most Recent Buys

    the rogue ohio power bar is back up for sale
  12. Your Most Recent Buys

    ya not sure why it not up yet, i might have to just go with the B&R bar if they don't hurry up lol
  13. Need Ur Opinion For This Strength Program

    find a squat rack as soon as possible, for now you could do barbell lunges
  14. Your Most Recent Buys

    hey carl, i sent them an email and they said it should be back up for sale today. I'm also waiting
  15. Chest Up!!

    maybe he wouldn't post it because you were listening to sheryl crow while squatting seriously though thats to bad its a great topic
  16. Chest Up!!

    nice post steve, will be interesting to hear peoples views as for Mark Rippetoe, He says he teaches the beginner how to squat once you are able to squat big weights you will learn your own techniques he said who is he to tell someone who squats 500 or 600lbs how to squat. When I took his seminar I wasn't able to look down and he was fine with that, I still don't or something like that don't quote me
  17. squats are the main lift to any good strength program get a small portable squat stand and move it outside or the basement or the garage......
  18. just joined a gym to change things up a bit

    1. Buffalo150


      No way the gym is as well equipped as your garage.

    2. edge121212


      hahah thanks Buff

    3. 5inthehall


      Now you can share gym tales with us!

  19. Your Most Recent Buys

    trust me Art, the last thing you need is a book that talks about switching programs
  20. U F C

    JDS makes his return tonight
  21. Your Most Recent Buys

    great video mav, when you get time could you do a video on your rogue bumpers and b&R bar? i would like to see how they are holding up here are my new buys
  22. just ordered PPST3

    1. Buffalo150


      It's a great book. You won't regret the purchase.

    2. bosworth


      sweet - I added to my wish list

    3. edge121212


      ah it has arrived, i have some reading to do

  23. Garage Gym

    so I thought I would throw up some pics of my garage gym.... thanks everyone for the points/tips and suggestions it took me more then two months to decide what equipment to use (it was important that I could do almost everything that I could do at good life) what I decided on was(used equipment) - hammer strength olympic squat rack - hammer strength olympic flat bench - hammer strength dumbell rack(TKO weights) - life fitness cable column - atlantis power tower - precor stretch machine - precor weight tree .rubber stall mats .maple plywood for the walls (it was beat up drywall that I just was not happy with)
  24. Posting Videos

    I know this is a boring topic but I am just curious what other people use to take and upload their videos/pics.The process has been a little frustrating for me what i was doing- first take a video with my point and shoot- remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader which i then insert into my macbook- upload the videos onto the mac- trim them- delete old files- and finally upload to youtube. what i am currently doing- use a samsung galaxy smart cam- THATS IT!!!! well almost this camera will allow trimming and automatic uploads to dropbox(as soon as it detects wifi) from dropbox I upload what ever videos i like straight to youtube