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  1. Another F'n Training Program: The E-Book

    nice work! I like the clear layout, lack of too much talk and concise explanations.
  2. "dat Supplements" Roundtable Thread

    I'm with Vlad, not taking anything. Not for the same, scientific reason, but because it's too hard to remember when to consume what. Also, travelling for work messes with regular food intake, and does the same with supplements. When I took Thermopure (green tea extract + caffeine) in conjunction with whey and creatine, I felt a bit more energised and got a bit of a pump, but other than that I didn't notice many losses or gains. Now it's just food, green tea and coffee...
  3. Might as well join in... Highs Deadlift 180kg Squat 150kg Moving on from 5x5, 3x5, 1x5 to Cressey's Maximum Strength - thoroughly neglected upper body and assistance exercises previously Starting Wing Chun Lows Messing up my clavicle/sternum joint, causing pain and a significant drop in strength due to time off Work messing with my lifting schedule No weight / fat loss Thoughts for 2013 Consistency! Strengthen shoulder girdle, improve mobility, do more foam-rolling, band stretches etc. Try the Whole 30 experiment Continue and improve Wing Chun skills Return to old strength levels and beyond
  4. My First Strongman Session

    well done! the car deadlift looks fun, though it's more like a rack pull. how old was the slightly aged gentleman?
  5. Cookies!

    Since we're talking about cookies, I'd like to share the following recipe: 10 cup cookies 1 cup butter 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup desiccated coconut 1 cup raisins 1 cup dark chocolate, chopped 1 cup flour 1 cup chopped nuts 3 eggs 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla sugar or extract Blend butter with peanut butter. Add everything else - add eggs last. Place on baking tray and bake for 10-12min at 180°C / 350°F. There is a difference between baking soda and baking powder, but I think substituting one for the other would not cause any problems. I tend to add some cinnamon, cocoa powder and ground nuts, also use crunchy peanut butter. I have made these cookies with half the sugar, and they were still good. However, I haven't tried adding whey to them, but I guess substituting a cup of sugar with chocolate whey should work well.
  6. Cheapest 25Kg Bumpers In Uk?

    have you seen those? 57quid seems very reasonable, although I'm not quite sure how bouncy they are http://www.fitness-s...red/6324_p.html
  7. It took me a while to convince Ms. Helm to join me at the gym, and it took some more time to build her confidence at the gym, but nowadays it's sometimes her who kicks my butt to go to the gym. I started her on SL 5x5, very slowly to get the techniques right. She's doing very well now, gets a lot of respect from the other guys and enjoys the benefits, e.g. gunz - though she wouldn't admit that.
  8. Proper Warmup Techniques

    Have a look at Mark G's thread
  9. I've had some trouble with the joint between my right clavicle and sternum for years, after falling off my bicycle. There has been a grinding noise/sensation and very slight pain from time to time, but nothing that would hinder any exercises. When it originally happened, I consulted two doctors, who both told me I would be fine doing any exercise, as the muscle surrounding this area would grow and stabilise it. Now last Sunday, I went playing with the big boys, doing some strongman event training. Farmer's walks went great, until I felt a sudden popping sensation at that very joint, which caused the shoulder to drop a bit, with 100kg in that hand. This pulled some neck muscles, which actually was more painful for the first two days than the joint issue. However, now the muscle pain is gone, my main concern is the joint and it's ligaments. Everything is still in place, nothing is broken or dislocated as far as I can tell, it just feels a bit weak. My plan is to let it rest for a full week and then see how it feels under some stress, i.e. light lifts/band pulls. Is there anything else you guys would suggest to speed up recovery? Anything that aids joint/ligament repair? I've taken up regular fish oil ingestion again, something I've never been able to do very consistently...
  10. What's This? - A Quiz

    hmm. ignoring the straps, it's about 35x22cm (14x9in)...
  11. As much as I would want that to be a joke, I can imagine it being correct. I bet it's even worse in other parts of the world.
  12. What's This? - A Quiz

    Does this link work for you, michail?
  13. What's This? - A Quiz

    I recently had the luck of finding a brandnew Zuluglove Evolution 2 belt on ebay, for £30 (RRP 48). It came with a dip belt and another piece of leathery equipment, which I cannot identify. However, the seller mentioned that he got it from a lot of equestrian stuff, so this might well be something for horses. Here's the thing, can anyone identify it? Whoever gets it right and needs it can pick it up from me
  14. Deadlift Inconsistency

    no explanation here, but I've got the same problem sometimes. I think it may be only deadlifting once a week, or just a lack of food. maybe it's all just a mental thing?
  15. Frightening Deadlift Advice?

    I never understood what chains and bands exactly do, other than make the lift heavier. Now I understand, and it makes perfect sense! Also, I agree that when things get heavy, some upper back rounding is inevitable and doesn't hurt - as long as the lower back is safe.