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  1. Homemade Deadlift/oly Platform?

    yo adam! Still holding up good? I ended up finding a good gym, but I recently moved and the ~45 minute commute is getting annoying and time consuming. Hoping to do this for real before May!
  2. U F C

  3. U F C

    lombard! finally! also another free ufc on saturday night (ultimate fighter finale) and at the end of the month we get the heavyweight title fight! hope cain wins!
  4. U F C

    huge fight this weekend!
  5. Resistance Band Exercises

    band kettlebell swings are pretty damn awesome to.
  6. U F C

    also to anyone who has seen snatch you will appreciate this haha
  7. Refinished 1000 Pounds Of Old Plates...

    great job!
  8. U F C

    so silva vs bonnar?! How wild would it be if bonnar pulled the upset of the century? ha
  9. Wearing Contact Lenses

    yeah contacts for sure, glasses get annoying and move around to much. Contacts are a huge plus if you run as well
  10. U F C

    If your betting man, you could try for the upset, I think the vegas odds are 9-1 with Jones as a favorite lol GSP opened over Condit big as well... Also worth noting if your subscribed to the UFC on youtube, you can watch Condit's full workout which is pretty neat
  11. Starting 5/3/1 -- Quick Math Question

    have you seen this website? It does it for you http://www.strstd.com/
  12. U F C

    don't forget there is UFC tonight! ... on fuel, bleh I don't get that channel
  13. Jim Wendler Answers My Question Re: Beards

    haha that chart is awesome! Come winter I'll try and grow mine out again, although it'll most likely be the patchy one
  14. U F C

    man I was pretty excited when Sonnen got in full mount in the 1st round haha, to bad that was short lived! Hopefully Lombard racks up an impressive victory cause I don't see anyone else left in that weight class for Silva!
  15. Euro 2012 !

    that was pretty brutal