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  1. IronStrong Chat

    Hey Everyone, Are you guys keen on getting the chat back up?
  2. IronStrong Chat

    I miss it too, Boola. I recently got into contact with MikeD, told me you guys had Skype chat. Is it still up?
  3. IronStrong Chat

    Hey Everyone, Are you guys keen on getting the chat back up?
  4. Eating only twice a day.. but not hungry at all. Does eating too little affect any cutting?

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    2. NoelWL


      I'm not hungry at all.. not even sure if i'm eating a "little"

    3. Jasper


      Maybe because you eat plenty at those two meals. Also, your body can adapt to lower (as well as higher) caloric intake, so you don't feel hungry. Just measure the results.

    4. Wanderlei


      count your calories..?

  5. 130kg Clean weeee O.O

  6. What are the pros and cons for both? I haven't really lifted a lot using the first one but the second one I have been on for about 15 weeks already. I just wanna know your ideas. For me the best thing about Tier System is that you can focus better on specific types of strength qualities of lifts. For ex, for the Squat, you have Maximal: Squat, Explosive: Pin Squats, Repetitive: Unilateral lifts/FS. If you split them up between days and not do them all at once, you can actually focus on it. What are your thoughts?
  7. Berin! Thank you. The best part is 'the effect of enjoying what you do'. That being said, I think I will stick with the full body template since I really enjoy this type of training as opposed to the main lift a day. P.S. I regularly communicate with Greg too. I asked him the same question, and if I remember right he said "I don't know. Honestly."
  8. Can't even open my notifications because of the meganumber of notifications. Deeerp

    1. idle


      And whose fault is that?

  9. Can't even open my notifications because of the meganumber of notifications. Deeerp

  10. PR 125 clean, missed 130 three times

    1. idle


      Impressive! What's your BW these days?

    2. NoelWL


      thanks kenn! bet. 77-79kg depends

  11. 120 cnj after not doing any oly lifts for a while weee

    1. bosworth


      noice - missed ya man!

    2. AkumaZ


      Maaaaan. Guess I gotta do that on friday now

    3. NoelWL


      Gosh that is one ugly lift haha

  12. Anyone familiar with the volume accumulation training? And no its not the GVT. Thanks. Cn't seem to find it anywhere.

  13. 2 PR's in a day! 114 + 120kg clean Splendid!

  14. Eat Stop Eat

    Any guys tried these before? For strength training specifically? How'd it go? Please discuss.
  15. Links To Workouts/books/pdfs/diet Etc...

  16. http://www.pottsmerc.com/health/20140113/shoulder-rotator-cuff-tears-physical-therapy-or-surgery Hope this helps
  17. A good physiotherapist will be able to help you. Surgery should be the most final intervention. Surgery is complicated, after surgery also. Conservative treatment might be a better option. It's best to ask a good Physio when it comes to problems about the musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles related)
  18. Recent heavy squat work.

    is the bar placement too high?
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    2. idle


      I think Cactus is noting the strong hip drive out of the hole. It does seem a bit like a mix between styles.

    3. NoelWL


      looks like this to me.

    4. Wanderlei


      Who cares what 'bar' it is. Just get the bar on your back however it feels comfortable, and fuckin' squat

  19. Wee, had a nice session. Pretty good after months not doing the lift.

  20. Push Press: Normal Vs Behind Neck.

    I don't think I agree with the muscle activation bias.. I also thought that PP from behind allows you to use more weight because it uses a lot of "back squat" strength? I'm pretty sure I read some article about Glenn Pendlay discussing the PP and saying that you need a strong front squat to PP alot from the front, while from the back, the back squat would be a reference.
  21. Post Really Useful Articles Here

    This is good.. but i lack too much sleep to understand what that work capacity thing is - before i fall asleep pls simplify it for the stupid (aka me)