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  1. Why Do I Feel Like Crap Body Aches?

    I guess my gig of subtly adding troll bait content into my questions is up lol. But seriously i felt like crap could of been all the soy and MSG in that food.
  2. I have been cutting weight slowly, today i knew i was going to go to a steak house to celebrate a special occasion so i knew it would be hard to eat at a deficit, So i decided ti eat little for most of the day and then have a giant meal at night at the restaurant. I ate about 1200 cals this morning and dint eat until 8 my last meal had 2800 cals. Why do i feel like crap though even though i ate way more than i normally do. Does this cause muscle loss?
  3. Cant Decide What To Do Diet Wise

    I havent been on facebook for over 2 year now lol
  4. Cant Decide What To Do Diet Wise

    Whats that a forum?
  5. Cant Decide What To Do Diet Wise

    Thanks man i appreciate that suggestion. Im gonna continue with madcow and see where it takes me, i saw a guy on a forum loose weight from 240 to 185 lbs on madcow losing about a pound per week and still making those gainzzz. Im gonna try losing a pound a week on madcow. Otherwise ill move to 5/3/1 and cut on that program.
  6. Cant Decide What To Do Diet Wise

    Im sorry when i said i was 180 lbs i was only assuming that that was my weight, Once i got into the scale reality set in and it kicked my ass. Im a fat 206 lbs i want to squat 405 by the end of 2014. I plan to weight around 185 to 190 i dont want to cut so that my abs show but i want to get back to a healthy body fat level. If my caliper test are accurate i am between 24 to 27 percent fat. Most people think im 180 pounds or so unless you see my gut i look like the average male even i dint believe i was over 200 lbs. so 15 lbs of fat loss is my goal. Assuming im right and my bf is over 24 percent would cutting be less of a risk since i have so much fat stored that my body can use?
  7. Im starting madcow 5x5 and i want to continue to add weight to my lifts. i can squat 325 and i want to squat 405 this year The problem is that i gained fat and i weight 206 lbs a 325 squat is not as impressive as if i was 170 lbs. How can i squat 405 lbs and lose fat? in other words get stronger and lose about 15 lbs of body fat? i hear cut or recomp i dont know what the hell to do here.
  8. How Long Will It Take To Squat 405?

    I just maxed out my squat and got 325 lbs my goal for 2014 is to squat 405 lbs is this a realistic goal? can i reach this in under 12 months?
  9. Does Madcow Work?

    Thanks man, i gave it a change i slept more and ate more and my new theoretical maxes are squat 321 lbs DL 330 lbs Bench 234 lbs OHP 157 lbs I am stalling once again at 185 lbs would it be appropiate to change it up to madcow?
  10. Does Madcow Work?

    thanks bruh im more like 180 lbs now lol
  11. Does Madcow Work?

    Can somebody give me a link to the program? i need a good spreadsheet. i was wondering if a squat 1rm of 290lbs is to nooby for madcow?
  12. Does Madcow Work?

    does this work or should i do 5/3/1? i am starting to stall on 3x5 and my maxes are 290 lbs squat 325 deadlift 225 bench 135 OHP Would i be able to add some good strength on this before starting 5/3/1?
  13. Im thinking of doing Bill Starrs 5x5 before 5/3/1. My maxes are 285lbs squat 220 lbs bench 325lbs deadlift How good is this program? will i be able to reach a 315lbs squat?
  14. Am I Ready To Start 5/3/1?

    thanks guys, this may sound weird but when i squat i barely feel my ass do anything. Most of the strain is on my quads and i feel some on my hamstrings but rarely do i feel anything on my glutes.
  15. Am I Ready To Start 5/3/1?

    maybe i am squatting too deep compared to rippetoe squats? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAgxDhXWPAE&feature=c4-overview&list=UU5rGhLkJyHz6_hPPJQzeH4w