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  1. Anyone else disappointed by Prometheus?

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    2. Heino


      Wasn't it an Alien move after all? Things that bothered me during the movie were that Mr. Weyland was pretty fit for an old guy and that the movie seemed to be on fast forward the whole time, I would have liked to seen more details. Nothing serious, I rarely except more from a big Hollywood production.

    3. SleeperService


      Nope. I enjoyed it. There were a few plot holes but overall I thought it did a pretty good job as a prequel.

    4. VelocityGirl


      I will politely disagree about the plot holes, seeing as they were truck-sized. It had a lot of potential, but the first part of the movie just felt like it was trying to get to the last 20mins...

  2. 7lbs of grass fed beef @ $2.99 a lb? It's good to be a Texan

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    2. Maslow
    3. johnnyboy
    4. ScottJones


      Tom Thumb. It was a day away from the sell by date so I grabbed everything they had and stuck it in my freezer

  3. Idk what's more depressing...the fact that I injured my back today or that I found Top Gun in the romance section of Netflix

    1. NeilPorter


      It's a tough call...

    2. Kevin


      Top Gun is totally a romance. I spent most of the movie wondering when Maverick and Iceman were going to kiss already.

  4. What do you paleo folks use as a substitute for bread crumbs when baking chicken?

    1. NineOne


      Depending on what you're cooking, shredded coconut would work. Maybe ground nuts, as well?

    2. NineOne


      Finely shredded*

    3. ScottJones


      chicken stuffed with bacon/cheese/avocado. I read crushed pork rinds worked well

  5. Metal and War...what more could you ask for?
  6. Low Energy Levels

    You can make your own trail mix in a big ziplock bag. Dump in almonds (roasted & salted being the best of course), raisins/dried cranberries (or any dried fruit), granola, puumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Maybe a little less protein than you'd like but definitely easy and packed with energy.
  7. Importance Of Milk

    Although it's a 100% probability that the nuke gets the job done though I agree it wouldn't be as healthy but I wouldn't say it's being short sighted. More along the lines of wanting something badly enough that you accept whatever consequences pop up from your choice. Many of us didn't start lifting as a teenager and have a finite amount of time before our body reaches it's peak potential to produce force. These same individuals that lift competitively, want the quickest gains possible.
  8. Importance Of Milk

    This is assuming that he wants to return to his former body fat level. For each person here that thinks he looks fat, there's another who thinks he looks solid as is. Trying to hit the right amount of calories to gain rapid strength as a novice without gaining much fat takes time to figure it out. You're not going to hit the correct calorie amount right off the bat. What if the calorie need increases a month later, you'll have wasted another week before you find out they need more. My point being that during this entire time, the GOMAD guy has been reaching that caloric threshold Spector has mentioned each and every week. Is enough weight being added to the bar to justify the fat gain? That's personal preference based on the individual's goals
  9. Importance Of Milk

    You said your cousin hit a mid 300 deadlift, Zach was repping 325 for 5 making a 1RM in the high 300's. Both are impressive for novices, one's still better than the other though. I'm not arguing 150-200lbs in 2 years isn't impressive, it is. I'm not arguing you can't get strong without milk, you can. But you're missing the point that you can reach the same weight increase in a shorter period of time with the extra calories GOMAD provides. Can excess calories in another form besides milk achieve the SAME strength results? It sounds logical, but I haven't read or heard of anyone doing it with the same success (ie:200 lbs in 6 months) Is it as healthy as you're way? Probably not. But that's the sacrifice an individual makes for the highest possible gains in the shortest amount of time.
  10. Importance Of Milk

    I understand the point you're making, saying you can do both. I'm arguing that while you can do both, it wouldn't have been AS QUICK or AS MUCH weight had GOMAD been used. If you have someone's training log that proves this wrong, I'd be happy to change my opinion. On this thread alone, there has already been a handful of people with similar results to Zach (and it's pretty safe to say that none of us are genetically gifted). If your proposed method was just as good as GOMAD without the fat gain, why would it be so difficult to find examples of it being used to add 200lbs in 6 months or something similar? Wouldn't everyone want the 200lb gain without the fat?
  11. Importance Of Milk

    Of course not, but i'm willing to take most people at their word until they prove otherwise. Would it be nice to have had that 200lb gain in 6 months without much fat gain? Of course. But I haven't seen anyone's log or know of anyone who has done just that. So until it's shown with an actual lifter who adds that much to a squat in 6 months, it's GOMAD for those of us with strength as the top priority.
  12. Importance Of Milk

    Could you provide the log of someone who has added 200 lbs to their squat in 6 months without the use of steroids and put on zero fat gain?
  13. Importance Of Milk

    If someone has used protein shakes, cream, and gummy worms successfully to build 200lbs on their 5RM squat in 6 months, than that would certainly take away a bit of the magic surrounding GOMAD. Until then...
  14. Importance Of Milk

    Maybe it's like looking into a mirror for me but I see no man boobs.
  15. Importance Of Milk

    200 lbs added to a 5RM in 6 months is unimpressive? And from personal experience, started stronglifts in march 2010, did GOMAD for a while. Finished with a 432 Squat and 501 Deadlift at my first meet in December. Now i'm sure 100% of people polled would rather have Spector's or klimmilksq's body, but being ripped and looking good in a swimsuit is not the primary goal for everyone. You may not like Zach's body, but you cannot argue against his strength gains while doing GOMAD.