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  1. Breaking 90 Degree In Squat Problem

    Do paused box Squats below parallel and Squat mobility drills.
  2. Carb Cycle For 25% Body Fat

    It's yes and no, at 25% you shouldn't really need to do carb cycling to lose fat. Cutting calories to a deficit should be enough to get you to 15% bf.
  3. Squat Progression

    Maybe I missed it, but did you follow the program protocol? Drop the TM 10-20% and work back up trying to beat the older rep records from previous cycles?
  4. Power Lifting And Calisthenics

    You can run a pseudo 5/3/1 with weekly gains. Plug in the lifts and then run the 5 week on repeat adding weight to the 1RM for the formula. So you could for example do Squats 5/5/5 with a E1RM of 200 lbs. 40% 80x5 50% 100x5 60% 120x3 65% 130x5 75% 150x5 85% 170x5+ Then add 5-10 lbs. to the E1RM and do it again the next week but with adjusted weights. Then program everything else you want to do around that.
  5. David Builds New Legs

    I love the way a positive attude and an open hand leads people places. It's awesome seeing how you've evolved through each struggle and found new ways to push and enjoy yourself. That's inspiring.
  6. David Builds New Legs

    It's just good to see that you're still moving forward despite the setbacks and the news. Any forward motion is good motion.
  7. David Builds New Legs

    A master's degree in leg mechanics sounds really useful.
  8. David Builds New Legs

    Cardio is in fact suffering David. Sounds like you're making a lot of headway despite the niggles.
  9. Paul Carter to John Meadows on Knee Wraps and the in quotes part is what John Meadows had said about what kept his knees safe. Oh and BTW....... " "I have been beat up quite a bit over the years, but the one area that I have that has never been injured is my knees. I believe this is due to mostly: 1) I never used knee wraps to help me on heavy sets" People should read that over and over and over and over until something about it sinks in. Knee wraps are BAD for your knees. If you need knee wraps to squat because of pain, that should be a sign to you that something is wrong/underdeveloped, if you've never had a serious knee injury. Sorry, just irritates me when people say they must use knee wraps because they have knee pain without em. WEll yeah, because your VMO is underdeveloped/weak. I was wondering what everyone thought about knee wraps. He was saying this to John Meadows who had mentioned not using knee wraps and training his VMO hard for aesthetic reasons and that's why his knees were healthy. John Meadows was explaining this before showing a video of him doing "sissy hack squats"
  10. No need to feel embarrassed, it's better that you voice how you're feeling, whether or not it's spurred on by a lack of sleep. The worst thing anybody can do when they're in the deep end is to try swimming alone. Hopefully you've gotten some sleep and are feeling better.
  11. I'm with LSG, maybe a sleep doctor could help?
  12. Squatting Double Your Weight

    That's a goal I've yet to hit, and I've been lifting for 5 years. As soon as I get to some sort of a rack it will be on though. Congrats on hitting the milestone.
  13. Nobody is going to get to 120 lbs. and stay there eating 500-800 calories a day, all from carbs. Even if she does magically have the fortitude to get there (she didn't get to be obese by showing that trait) then once she stops eating like that it's all going to come right back. When it comes back it'll be 10x harder to lose the weight again because her endocrine system will be completely ruined by the time that happens. It's something one of our female lifters has been struggling with for years now and she's following a strength training program and eating a solid amount of protein. Metabolic damage and endocrine dysfunction is where she's headed, and there's probably nothing you can do about it, and then when she ends up back to morbidly obese, you'll once again not be able to do anything about it because then you're coming from the place of "I told you so" even if that's not the tone you take. With that said, a lot of people who are obese share that attitude, I have a lot of experience being around people who fall into that category, the best thing you can do about it is come from the standpoint of building them up, rather than tearing what they are doing down. A simple suggestion in the right direction like "Well if you had more protein instead, you may lose the weight faster" would do more than "You need to eat or you're going to be ruined". Another way of getting your point across is to say "While I admire the effort you're going through to get to your goals, it could be made more efficient by ______". You have to realize that advice coming from anyone who would qualify as a bodybuilder or a lifter or something that she thinks doesn't qualify as what she would want to look like, isn't going to have as great as an effect as someone who has the body type she wants. It's a precarious place being in the fitness realm and giving advice because a lot of the time either they don't believe it'll work for them because they aren't from the same boat or whatever it is, the "Everyone in my family is obese/diabetic" thought process comes to mind, granted that the problem wasn't that it's genetic rather that it's either cultural (for example some cultures highly value body fat) or that it's familial (Some families just pass down bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyles because they're used to it and it becomes natural). You have to be careful to make sure that you come from a caring place and not in any way a high horse because as soon as they think you think you're higher than them or better than them, nothing you have to say means anything. My advice is to use your story as an example, (once again, don't do it from a high horse, just as an example only) and let her know that you only say it because you understand where she is at, and that you understand her mindset. From there you need to say "I wish I had known when I started my journey that ______ would happen because I did _______" and reiterate that you understand how she feels and build her up while you talk about it. Now onto the seizure thing, I'm going to go ahead and take a shot in the dark here, I could be way off base, and without knowing a lot of details this is just what I learned when I was working on getting certified, I think the seizures were a side effect from very high blood sugar/diabetes. So by cutting a ton of calories out it lowered her blood sugar and thus took the seizures off the table. It's not necessarily a sign that she's eating healthier, just that she's not eating enough sugar any more to cause the side effect. As long as she keeps the sugar down she probably won't have the seizures anymore, so that's a good thing. Also, Art did a starvation diet a long while back and he reversed his diabetes and lost a ton of weight, it's not sustainable, but at the same time if she can readjust correctly after she's done doing this diet to get where she wants to be, and does it quickly enough to avoid a real and more permanent amount of metabolic damage, she may be able to get away with it. Art could give more insight into that than I could though.
  14. Ok so here's my competition Vids: all at a bw of 161 lbs. Thankfully I don't hold water even a little. For the Squat: 170 lbs. For the Deadlift: 330 lbs. Overhead Anyhow: 150 lbs. Total: 650 lbs. I hope I did that right. Next year I want to make those number look terrible. --- BW=161 Squat: good lift at 170 lbs : 56.00 Wilks Deadlift: good lift at 330 lbs: 108.70 Wilks Overhead Anyhow: good lift at 150 lbs: 49.41 3 lift total, Wilks: 214.11 3 lift total, weight: 650 lbs / 294.8 kg