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  1. currently holding the national deadlift record (the fed is GPC)in the junior division. congrats to ken alivio for holding the national deadlift record in the 18-19 yo division

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    2. derickthai


      thanks guys i pulled 242.5kg, the previous record was 240kg. i aim to hit 250kg for the next meet!

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    4. FerrousMaverick
  2. University Lifting Society

    At the last meet, the strongest guy pulled 295kg. There wasn't enough space on the sleeve for collars so we had to tape the plates haha
  3. Can't believe I haven't mentioned this here yet. I started a society at university with a few friends because we enjoyed lifting weights and wanted to spread awareness about it, as well as form a community with people who share our interests in lifting. Other visions included holding mock powerlifting meets (we've ran 2 so far) as well as running workshops to help beginners with technique (we've held one so far). Anyway the society has grown bigger than I originally anticipated, its been awesome meeting all these great people. Feels good being amongst others who agree with what you do, and aren't brainwashed by broscience bullshit. Feels good knowing people who want to get bigger and stronger, not just be aesthetic like Zyzz. Footage from the last meet we ran can be seen here: http://www.youtube.c...iew=1&flow=grid In the playlists I put each lifter's attempts together so it was easier for the guys to watch themselves, but in the actual meet it didn't actually go in that order obviously. The stronger guys are in flight B. I'm not trying to promote the society or anything (why would I, theres only like 1 other member here who lives in Sydney, Australia), just wanted to share something that means a lot to me here.
  4. Another F'n Training Program: The E-Book

    Interesting read, good to see you have developed a system that works for you! I agree with a lot of your points regarding training
  5. High points: Squatting 200kg Squatting 180+kg for 5 reps Putting half an inch on my arms Staying injury free Learning more about what training protocols work for me Low points (which are in turn my goals for early next year): Not benching 120kg, not overhead pressing bodyweight, not deadlifting 3xBW
  6. great article, stop being a robot who follows programs blindly, but also dont be someone who changes their program entirely when one little aspect stops working http://70sbig.com/blog/2012/11/the-purpose-of-a-program/

    1. Heino


      That's so true. It's also called "common sense" :) Justin has some good stuff nowadays on his site.

    2. Jimagenesis


      Thanks, that was a good read.

    3. Tim


      Agreed on the good stuff, recently he promoted "man's search for meaning", which has proven to be an interesting read so far.

  7. It depends. If you spend time strengthening your back this will help deadlifts a lot so it'd be possible to increase them together with squats.
  8. This may vary with individuals but I think at around 12% bf you can see the top 4 abs when flexed, but you won't look shredded. You can still see some muscle separation. I also agree with staying around the 12-15% mark. Also apparently if your bodyfat drops really low your test levels drop too? My friend dieted down for a bodybuilding contest ages ago but afterwards said he got gyno. Is there some study that verifies this?
  9. Haha cheers for the correction KaKTy3, but no doubt that low of a bf% is very hard to get to. Experiment, I agree with that, I think it largely depends on how high or low bf% the person is willing to stay at. Berin, for me that seems like a realistic approach and is sort of what I've been doing. I feel that's necessary in order to get my bench moving
  10. ...that provides a good balance between looking good, as well as being able to continue to get stronger. In my opinion the greater the sacrifice in one aspect, the easier it will be for the other. For instance, I can't imagine a natural lifter being able to get much stronger when they are shredded (say contest condition, or less than 10% bf). And the higher your bodyfat climbs, I would imagine it would be easier to get stronger.
  11. When Is A Plateau A Real Plateau??

    No offense but judging by your stats and height, if you lean out you won't look very impressive from a muscularity point of view so I would suggest focusing on getting stronger for now, unless that's not a goal of yours then you can ignore my post. Although I do believe getting stronger would make losing fat easier, because your metabolism will improve when you have more muscle. Good luck with your goals either way!
  12. Ispwl Nov2012 Results

    Great work everyone! Keep up the solid lifting
  13. The P R Thread

    Squat 180kg x 5 Deadlift 217.5kg 2 x 3
  14. Squat Depth For Non Powerlifters

    That guy is squatting 1/4 squatting with knee wraps and a squat suit though. Would the use of such equipment reduce the stress on the knee (I'm guessing so since they provide elastic energy)? You will always be able to 1/4 squat more provided your full squat is going up though. As for bringing up your 1/4 squat to increase your full squat, I'm not entirely convinced (this is from a strength training point of view not sport) that this would be productive as you wouldn't be training where you are at worst leverage (e.g just coming out of the hole for squats), and you're only as strong as your weakest link (not referring to what Westside is preaching either). From a sport point of view, do you really want to neglect your weak points though? Your hammies won't get hit as hard if the range of motion is so short. Either way of course what you decide to do is up to you.