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  1. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Cheers guys. Good to be among you again. Started with just the bar (except for deadlift). Let's see how far I go. Have also lost a little BW - standing now at 55 kg. Hoping to touch 60 again soon (hopefully all muscle too hehe).
  2. Hi, It has been quite some time since I fell off the bandwagon. Started again last week with 5x5 (my version). Let's see if I can get back to where I was. Can see quite a few familiar names. Don't know if any of you remember me.....
  3. Deadlift Flexibility

    As Berin said above, these are as good as they can be. Of course, 7 RM is not very heavy, so we won't know whether the form will break down a bit on a 3RM weight. Also, Berin is spot on at the "nocebo". I didn't know of this term till I read his post though.
  4. Take Up Space, Ladies!

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Amy.
  5. Really Bad Day.

    It's different for different people - some may have gone further, but 1.2 - 1.3 xBW for 5x5 is pretty much good. Age certainly has something to do with it since you would have got somewhat better performance about 10 years back. I'm not 51, and five years back when I was 41, I got to about 1.25xBW for 5x5. I switched to 3x5 mainly due to the length of workouts, but even if I had not shifted, I doubt I would have gone much further. In short, don't sweat it, shift to 3x5 on one exercise where you feel more burnt. You also have the option of shifting to a split routine like 5-3-1 where the progress is much slower, but it doesn't burn you out for a very long time.
  6. 2013 - Your Best Lifts / Achievements

    Hmmmm...let me see - Biggest achievement has been getting back on the bandwagon after badly falling off it. Apart from that, Squat - 185lb - 8 reps has been best so far in terms of repping Bench - 115lb - 12 reps again best so far in terms of repping OHP - 85lb - 10 reps and 90lb - 8 reps. This is one lift which has moved well recently. (Fingers crossed) No improvement in triples or single maxes.
  7. Sore Knee

    Have left a comment on your form check thread. In addition to foam rolling the IT band and stretching of hamstrings, please also try stretching / foam rolling your calves. They can develop some nasty tightness.
  8. I'm Sure This Gets Asked Many Times.

    As you already know, the squats are shallow by a good margin. I have noticed this sort of a thing starts happening to me when the weight gets heavy, and unless you keep an eye on it, it sort of goes unnoticed. BTW, at 80 kg, you should ideally be able to squat 100 kg for 5x5, although it differs from person to person. I have seen people able to get to 1.5xBW for 5x5, and also some people struggling with 5x5 after crossing 1xBW. So, if you are finding recovery or the workout time a major issue, switch to 3x5 just for squats and see how it goes. However, first thing to address is the depth, so I think you should deload and start again by using something to gauge your depth.
  9. I'm Sure This Gets Asked Many Times.

    Your form looks good per se, but you're descending way too fast, which results in a bounce at the bottom. It also unsettled you a bit in one of the rep. Try a controlled descent, and power your way up with hip drive. Also, you've given your strength stats, but what are your body stats? Bodyweight especially? Without that it's hard to guess whether 100 kg is realaly heavy for you or not.
  10. Welcome aboard Gary. 40 kg loss is tremendous, and good to start on SL. Some nice progress made in 7 weeks' time - 1XBW bench is great.
  11. Ex-Sl Members List

    Hey Sculli aka Dada - Welcome aboard. Nice to see you found us here - accidentally or no.
  12. Ex-Sl Members List

    Welcome aboard Jim, nice to see you here.
  13. Ex-Sl Members List

  14. Ex-Sl Members List

    M Petry is around, though has not posted in his log for a long time. Tuplad is here too. Tyrone is aguy I miss too - had forgotten his name.
  15. Ex-Sl Members List

    Mark, maroon is here as Andreas. No news about anty & goddess.