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  1. U F C

    I hope so Too bad Silva doesn't wanna move up a weight class and have a go at Bones.
  2. U F C

    Bones was quite lucky his arm didn't break, other then that he is such an incredible fighter. Though imo he should move up to heavy weight, I don't see any light heavy weight being able to handle him anytime soon.
  3. Paleo Nutrition

    Thanks for all the information, I'm curious however to the article about white rice vs brown rice. Never mind, I think I found it; http://www.care2.com...-whiterice.html
  4. U F C

    Imo Mir should have done more take down attempts. Though JDS really is a good fighter, can't wait for Cain vs JDS
  5. Finally ordered ironwoody bands!

  6. You mean when you stall on 3x5?
  7. U F C

    One of the reasons I was going there is because of Overeem... Now he pulls this shit, quite fucked up if you'd ask me. Oh well, there are plenty other fights I look forward to and I hope Mir get's a shot at Dos Santos.
  8. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

    This topic is evil, first I got to check out that awesome derriere(the one Nagolina posted), then I looked at Mouse and Silver their bum
  9. Dips hurt my shoulder, I want to replace them with the push press or bench press, is that alright?
  10. U F C

    @PorridgeOrange; Cool! I like Big Country, can't wait to see him fight again @Inspect; I didn't know about that link! is it HD? Yeah it's going to be expensive, but 5 heavyweight fights is totally worth it, I hope
  11. U F C

    I live in the Netherlands I have to use alternative sources to watch it. Me and my girlfriend are trying to go to Vegas for those epic fights though
  12. U F C

    5 heavyweight fights in 1 evening!!! http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mma-cagewriter/heavyweight-main-card-set-ufc-146-includes-five-165114594.html#more-id
  13. 1 week from now I will start on the program as well
  14. Nice program! Once I got access to a barbell again I will definitively give it a go I do want to do power cleans however, how many sets and reps should I think of? 3x3 or 5x3? Thanks! Doing pull-ups instead of chin-ups should be alright, right ?