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    2. Ghost


      I could believe that Jas. It's something Adam would do.

    3. klimmilksq


      Last I heard he has a back injury. He was also in Amsterdam recently.

    4. Jasper


      'Medicinal' marijuana and hookers are an odd combination for back problems.

  1. Klomak where are you? :(

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    2. idle


      He's camping. He'll be back on Friday/Sat.

    3. lunamud


      Unless he loses all of his muscle and dies which is very likely when taking a week long break from lifting.

    4. bosworth
  2. IS chat 101: if you catch someone making a typo, you repeat it back to them 100x.

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    2. Neptune
    3. klimmilksq


      Unf that vatican aw yis. I'm so disappojuf'd today. I wanna ship something by bought. Ate foot tonight. Gunfight.

    4. Growlanator
  3. Funny Posts And Replies

    Took me forever to find this. http://ironstrong.org/index.php?/topic/644-beasts-are-made-in-caves-not-gyms-thewerewolfs-log/?p=127234
  4. Haven't lifted in 6 weeks and got an office job. I look forward to starting over with the bar.

    1. David


      I have one of those. Good recovery time, sitting at a desk

    2. Maslow


      Just be sure to make a point of standing every 30 minutes or so, even if it's not time to go to the pritner. Just stand up and stretch out.

  5. Who says bicep strength is useless? Haven't done chin-ups in a long time and now I can barely pick up a 45.

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    2. CarlHmS


      bicep strength is critical for holding things above your waist in front of you. Which is a very useful thing for a bi-pedal creature to be able to do.

    3. Neptune


      I thought that was a thing? No? Moving on then.

    4. NineOne


      You confused "strength" with "curls."

  6. Similar to what I asked for last week, please post your squat max and flexed thigh circumference at the largest point.

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    2. Frozen



      495 lbs

    3. Maslow


      Done 415 lbs. Before. I could probably do 400 now. Flexed thigh is 26 inches.

    4. otaterli


      When I squatted 170kg my thighs were close to 70 cm in the biggest part.

  7. The Effect Of Size Vs Strength

    The bigger you are, the stronger you'll be. That's not up for discussion. What I was wondering was exactly how true does this law hold? Could I get as strong as the big guys given enough years of training? Being 6'0, 150lbs and struggling to gain weight, I wondered if my strength would ever increase or if my size is limiting me indefinitely. I took some data points. I asked IS members for the circumference of their arm around the humerus, and their max bench press. Obviously there are more muscles involved than just those around the humerus in the lift, but it works to get a general idea of the lifter's size. Note that there is a lack of data points, but hopefully I can increase the accuracy of this test with more participation. Plotting the data we have so far we get: I found the exponential curve fit a little better than the linear curve. The R value of .927 tells us that the data is fairly clustered together. I'd imagine the reason the graph is exponential is because circumference is derived from the cross sectional area of your arm. This makes sense because it's the actual mass of your arm doing the lifting and not your skin. If we take the data and plot max bench vs cross sectional area, we get: This time a linear model fit best, just as suspected. What can we take away from this little experiment? To get the obvious out of the way, if you're a small guy, chances are you won't have a big bench. And since the data points are for (arguably) average lifters, and not pro-PLers, it can give you an idea of where you need to be in terms of size to achieve a certain goal. Hopefully I can get more data points and come up with a reliable equation for every lift. I think that would be quite interesting. Discuss.
  8. I'm bsing around with some data. Please list your max bench, and bicep measurement.

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    2. Jasper


      @Berin but isn't 95% a statistic too? This is a cruel mindgame.

    3. FerrousMaverick


      And it's made up on the spot ;P

    4. Jasper


      You have lost the game.

  9. Bar Maintenance

    I found this video interesting.
  10. Our friend K is pretty depressed right now. Some kind words from IS members will pull him through.

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    2. Maslow


      Well in that case, 200 lbs. will still be waiting when he's ready to lift it. And if that still doesn't motivate him, google Adrian Peterson.

    3. davidyochim


      Get well soon K, and do not rush yourself with the big weights.

    4. Neptune
  11. 3,800 cals average this week and no weight gain. Does IS believe I don't eat like a bird anymore?

    1. Kronos
    2. NeilPorter


      Lol..see a doctor FFS. Sorry but that's just simply not normal.

    3. Heino


      Depending on how you're eating that could be considered hard work!

  12. Strength seems to come in waves. You could be doing everything right and make no progress, and inversely, you can be doing everything wrong and progress. My PRs seem to come in lumps. I build back up, reach a peak, and then the next few months I lose strength and the cycle repeats (in this instance, diet played a big role). The only thing you can do is do your best to figure out what's causing you to stall. Nobody knows yourself better than you. There could be thousands of reasons why you're suddenly making progress, and sometimes those reasons aren't so obvious.