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  1. Anyone still here?

    That's a real shame...it was relatively vibrant back in the day. Do you think people have stopped lifting or just faded away to other forums?
  2. Anyone still here?

    I'd actually forgotten the name of the forum for a long time & only found it again by remembering & googling my screen name. Looking at the last replies to some of the threads it looks like a lot of people have drifted away, if not everyone. I wonder why that is? The growth of instagram? Reddit? If anyone is still here holler
  3. Ex-Sl Members List

    My groin says different lol! Nah only joking, that's 2 or 3 years down the line with pretty heavy weight!
  4. Ex-Sl Members List

    They seem like an interesting pair...
  5. U F C

    It's gonna be very interesting to see how the most motivated Anderson Silva ever performs tonight! Could be a very short fight!
  6. Ex-Sl Members List

    So you're Mehdi then Derick??? Busted!!! Only joking mate....we know you are reading though Mehdi & are most likely a member so come on & post in this thread. It'd be funny. Post and lets do a Q&A with you. We promise to keep it lighthearted, its all water under the bridge now.
  7. U F C

    Me too, but maybe JDS really is that good. Will be great to see a real fight between him & Cain this time, Cain looked very good last night.
  8. U F C

    Most enjoyable night of fights in a long time tonight! Great event!
  9. U F C

    That must be these tues/weds fights I keep reading about. Wonder if they are on a UK channel?!
  10. I think this belongs in motivational...
  11. U F C

    Can't fucking wait....that's my thoughts!
  12. U F C

    Also, I saw Schiavello argue today that testing positive outside an event means nothing. So long as he passes the pre & post fight tests he should be allowed to fight. Strange argument but techniclly he may have a point. I believe the UFC will do what they can to keep this fight.
  13. U F C

    According to Bas Rutten it may still be on. Most likely he'll use the low testosterone excuse.
  14. Ex-Sl Members List

    Nice to see you made it over finally Jim. Did you ever get that gym up and running mate?
  15. The P R Thread

    Squat 180kg x 6 (est max 216kg)