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  1. Ex-Sl Members List

    My groin says different lol! Nah only joking, that's 2 or 3 years down the line with pretty heavy weight!
  2. Ex-Sl Members List

    They seem like an interesting pair...
  3. U F C

    It's gonna be very interesting to see how the most motivated Anderson Silva ever performs tonight! Could be a very short fight!
  4. Ex-Sl Members List

    So you're Mehdi then Derick??? Busted!!! Only joking mate....we know you are reading though Mehdi & are most likely a member so come on & post in this thread. It'd be funny. Post and lets do a Q&A with you. We promise to keep it lighthearted, its all water under the bridge now.
  5. U F C

    Me too, but maybe JDS really is that good. Will be great to see a real fight between him & Cain this time, Cain looked very good last night.
  6. U F C

    Most enjoyable night of fights in a long time tonight! Great event!
  7. U F C

    That must be these tues/weds fights I keep reading about. Wonder if they are on a UK channel?!
  8. I think this belongs in motivational...
  9. U F C

    Can't fucking wait....that's my thoughts!
  10. U F C

    Also, I saw Schiavello argue today that testing positive outside an event means nothing. So long as he passes the pre & post fight tests he should be allowed to fight. Strange argument but techniclly he may have a point. I believe the UFC will do what they can to keep this fight.
  11. U F C

    According to Bas Rutten it may still be on. Most likely he'll use the low testosterone excuse.
  12. Ex-Sl Members List

    Nice to see you made it over finally Jim. Did you ever get that gym up and running mate?
  13. The P R Thread

    Squat 180kg x 6 (est max 216kg)
  14. U F C

    ^ That's actually a good point Split.
  15. U F C

    As soon as I heard they'd done a surprise test on the 6 fighters after the press conference, I knew Overeem would piss hot. My opinion....let them take what they want.