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  1. Jim Slade

    Anyone know what happened to Jim Slade? I know he went to the WannaBeBig forum for a while but he's no longer posting there. Any ideas? I remember he worked and trained in Sheffield and I wouldn't mind training with him if I can track him down. Thanks in advance
  2. It's official, my muscles have no memory

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    2. idle


      Holy crap. Good to see you again!

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      Mouse is back in the house!

      Long time no see.

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      nice to see you back!

  3. Small cool box/bag Tupperware box with tuna salad Hard boiled eggs Precooked meats etc
  4. That's when the contest is on Mark. It won't be on the Tango Victor here in the UK until Christmas/New Year as always
  5. Apologies, not been about for a bit, so this may already be posted. Had a quick look but couldn't find anything. WSM 2012 – Los Angeles – 24th September to 1st October Now in its 35th year, the event, which is also owned and operated by IMG, is being held from 24 September-01 October 2012 in Los Angeles, at the Commerce Casino, with additional venues in and around Los Angeles, where the event first started in 1977. Qualifying rounds are being held from 24-27 September with the final taking place over two days from 30 September. The MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man returns to Channel 5 for the second successive year, with five qualifying rounds and the final due to air in winter 2012. James Richardson returns to present the series he fronted last year, which averaged 1.2m viewers across 10 episodes and drew an audience of 1.8m for the final, shown on Sunday 01 January at 7pm. Lisa Comber, IMG’s Event Producer, said: “We are extremely pleased to be teaming up with Channel 5 again for this year’s MET-Rx World’s Strongest Man competition. The programme has been a staple of the prime-time schedules for many years now and we look forward to building on the success of last year’s series. With the competition set to return to where it all began 35 years ago, it promises to be a very special event.” Steve Gowans, Channel 5 Head of Factual Entertainment and Sport, said: “We’re delighted to be the British broadcasting home of this iconic event. We’re really looking forward to the biggest, strongest tournament to date.” ***References to Channel 5 relate to television in the UK
  6. No probs Dan, they are excellent indeed!!
  7. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

  8. The guy has really tweaked your nipples then H
  9. Ex-Sl Members List

    2 hopes - Bob and No
  10. Ex-Sl Members List

    Hope this rather 'throw-away' comment doesn't cause similar excitement as in the now locked 'Roided Out Douchebags' thread.
  11. Best Protein Powder?

    In the UK, can't go far wrong with Myprotein products Price generally dictates what most buy I find Myprotein mix and taste well as does ON Gold Standard Whey, but the price difference between these two is huge