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  1. Change From 5/3/1 Periodization To Bill Starr Linear?

    Thanks for the heads up. Seems really quiet around here now.
  2. 5/3/1 has been great - on cycle 7 and need to deload soon, but been reading about linear gains for intermediate lifters with the Bill Starr linear intermediate 5x5 program, so seems 50% faster gains compared to 5/3/1 periodization. I think my lifts are just inside or in the middle of the intermediate range, eg squat 145kg, deadlift 190kg @ 85kg body weight. So is it wise to go from monthly gains to weekly gains or would I crash and burn?
  3. 5/3/1 Deload

    Skipped the deload week after cycle 3 because felt like I was tredding water. Now on cycle 7 and its beginning to feel intense. Gained 30kg on my dead lift and squat, 15kg on BP and OHP - in under 6 months. So happy with that. But maybe need the recovery week back in there. See how cycle 7 pans out.
  4. 5/3/1 With R P T?

    I've cut out the light week, so the 'medium' week becomes the 'deload' in a 3 week cycle. On cycle 6 now and so far so good. As it gets heavier and I stall guess I can add that light week back in - on 200kg 1RM deadlift, 150kg 1RM squat at moment. Keep in mind Jim Wendler hasn't got nice words to say about guys who mess around with his system though.
  5. Wendler's 90% Training Max

    Finished cycle 4 today. Been doing the BBB 3 month challenge, from cycle 3. So far so good. 70% of max for BBB deadlift and squat 5x10reps is going to hurt next cycle. Not suppose to do extra reps on last set in 5 3 1 week while doing BBB 3 month challenge. But managed to knock down 2 reps for DL 175kg, 3 for SQ, 130kg. Doing wide grip pull ups and chin ups with 7kg 5 reps - go for 10kg next week. Chucked in hand stand push ups ( cant even do 1 full range rep haha - but they are the last exercise of the session )
  6. I did BBB with deadlifts last week. I am lazy about warm up sets - just one at 50% then into it - maybe this will get me in trouble one day - but I like to think the 10 minute push bike ride to the gym warms my legs up. Felt jacked: went in smashed down the sets, some leg raises, back ext, stretches, walk out in under 60 minutes. I'm thinking for upper body I prefer more variation so no BBB there. In the article Wendler puts a twist on BBB - 5/3/1 SQ followed by 5x10 DL at 50% increasing 10% each month for a 3 month cycle. So a bit more variation there.
  7. Awesome article. "[ Boring But Big will ] lead to new gains in strength and hypertrophy, not to mention serious soreness." "The Strength Dilemma - The problem with many hypertrophy-based programs is that they leave out the strength component. You might get bigger as a result of the program, but if you don't get any stronger you're still a chump in my book." So if I have read it properly then BBB is a hybrid program. I made muscle gains on Strong Lifts but still not as much as some of the gym rats who never do anything but BP, cable flys, dumbell incline press, db bicep curls and shrugs . Except legs, got big legs compared to the gym rats because they are "Captain Upper Bodies" with scrawny chicken legs . I know strength trainers aren't suppose to care about hypertrophy but I'm keen on the idea of gaining more bulk so hopefully Boring But Big will do the trick.
  8. 12 Months With 5/3/1: A Beginners Insight By Paul Sutton

    Hoping I can make that kind of progress in the next 12 months on 5/3/1.
  9. Doing Pull Ups Between Bp Or Ohp Sets In 5/3/1 ?

    Thanks for all the input guys. This week ended up doing them after the main lift. Maybe next week do between sets. Read that you should 'keep 1 or 2 in the tank' for strength training, don't go to failure like body building. So maybe I will go for low reps and steadily build volume like Adam Watham points out. Did reverse flys tonight - trying to get that 2:1 pull/push ratio for shoulder health ( I got a busted right shoulder ). Did BP - decline push ups - dips - reverse flys. More a 1:3 ratio so far .
  10. Wendler's 90% Training Max

    Just finished my first 4 weeks, forgot to do the calculations using 90% 1 RM. Crashed and burned on DL and BP in second week - embarrassing. Readjusted - seems crazy light now on the deload week 4. Been hammering away at the push ups, pull ups, leg raises, croc rocs, dips - now I'm thinking this might be counter productive in the medium/long term.
  11. Anyone done this? On easy week 4 now so will give it a go. Seems way to intense though.
  12. Is 1X5 Worth It?

    Cheers for the advice guys. Think I will browse the Intermediate forum then, research the Texas Method and 5/3/1. I've stalled 3 times after giving it my all - rest, food included. But as you say Evan the intensity of 3 or 4 x a week squatting at 1.5 body weight is about my limit. Would like to focus more on deadlifts too, I am happy with the gains I made on deadlifts even though it was only 1x5 once or twice a week and always after squats and OHP.
  13. Flat Sole Shoes?

    Still using my All Stars, both have split down one side from squatting I guess. Maybe look at proper footwear if I get more hardcore about this. But "Do Wins" sounds so bloody geeky .
  14. Is 1X5 Worth It?

    Stalled at 3x5 on squats for third time around 125 - 130kg. OHP stalled and dead lifts a struggle. So move to 1x5 or intermediate program? Thanks in advance.
  15. Flat Sole Shoes?

    Sounds good I will look online.