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  1. Goodmornings Explosiveness

    I have found myself struggling with deadlifts and decided to reduce the pundage and supplement them with good mornings. Yesterday was my first good morning exercise and I seem to have developed some pain in the lower back. I'll try to get the video up soon but my guess is it is because I was trying to be explosive when coming up from the bent position. Are you supposed to come up slowly or explode from the bent position?
  2. How Useful Are Multivitamins?

    http://www.realfarmacy.com/your-vitamins-doing-more-harm/#XJTvKEmvwWbLrCtw.01 This links gives some useful information about how to identify synthetic multivitamins from "all natural" multivitamins.
  3. Strength Training And Sex

    Thanks for the responses fellas. My libido has certainly increased - but I just seem to not have anything left in me by the time I get to business!! Probably a mixture of over-training and not enough food coz I always sleep like a baby.
  4. Strength Training And Sex

    Ok, this might seem a little out there - but since I have started strength training - my sexual performance seems to have decreased. I just am too tired in my legs to have aggressive sex anymore. Fast hip thrusting seems like a serious pain in the ass. I am not sure if this is because I am not eating enough calories or enough nutrients or something else? Could working on my cardio through sprints help in this regard? I want to know if you guys have had similar experiences? Peace.
  5. Elbow Pain When Squatting.

    I faced elbow pain in my left arm a couple of months into Squatting. for me, it was a combination of bar too low on the back and bent wrists. I personally benefited from straight wrists and yes, wider grip helped to alleviate the pain. It meant less tightness in upper back but that was still okay.
  6. Deadlift

    Sore lower back after deadlifts is probably not a positive sign, right?
  7. Weight Gain With Gomad

    What raincoat said. Since you are already 110 lbs, you don't really need 6000 calories a day to gain weight. Start with a litre a day of full fat milk. Personally, I went from 130 lbs to 150 lbs in 12 weeks with 2L milk, 4 whole eggs and 1 big avocado every day. Eat lots of protein, lift as heavy as you can and eat calorie rich foods - this means lots of good fats.
  8. Barbell Row Feels Heavy?

    yo..I too did 95lb 5X5 just over an hour ago. Chill man.. just make sure your form is right and keep working! I'm sure by the end of summer, you'd be pulling 135 lbs easily! Probably more!!
  9. How Useful Are Multivitamins?

    Look for a supplement that offers the full array of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and beneficial plant extracts. Whole foods based multivitamins are better than synthetic ones. They'd be a more expensive but worth the money as they're likely to be absorbed better.
  10. Magnesium

    Interesting thread. I didn't know Magnesium was that important. Luckily, I have been taking some due to my consistent gorging on dark chocolates and cacao powder. But, need to consider a good supplement.
  11. My Generic Paleo Diet, Thoughts?

    From what I've read about paleo and primal diets, 50% calories from fat isn't bad. Nuts can be a great addition if you can afford them. Specially Macadamia - since they have a good omega3/omega6 ratio. Macs are expensive though so I usually stick to walnuts and almonds. If you are okay with it, greek yogurt could be a great option for relatively high protein and low fat snack.
  12. How To Take A Break?

    yes, my abs and hamstrings are probably weak so hips and lower back end up doing a lot of work. Need to work on that.
  13. How To Take A Break?

    Thanks, Yeah, I have a feeling my form needs to improve. I can feel I tend to do good-mornings on the way up. Haven't recorded it yet - should do that by next week.
  14. How To Take A Break?

    In the 10th week of SL and my hip joints just won't stop being sore. Same issues with lower back. I have a feeling that a break for a couple of weeks is in order. I am not sure how to go about it though. Thinking about some of the following options. I still would like to get back to 5X5 after the break. Option 1. Complete rest. Option 2. BW accessory exercises - pull ups, dips and push ups. Option 3. Continue with SL but at really light weights (30-50% of max) What do you guys do during a break?
  15. Soreness/pain And Grip For Deadlifts

    Thanks. Yes, the bar was slipping out of my hands with the DOH grip. But since I am at a relatively light weight, the chalk seemed a bit unnecessary. I will tighten the grip next time - it seemed it was too much in my fingers - not enough tightness.