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  1. Animal Flex

    Animal make great products but Ive never tried Flex.
  2. How Do You Use The Ab Roller?

    Ive been looking for some ab exercises to do, so Im gonna give the ab roller a try. Ive seen one at my gym but never used it.
  3. Thanks everyone. Intermittent fasting has been fantastic so far. I started last week and I already look leaner in the mirror and Im enjoying my meals alot more.
  4. Just one more question. If my goal is fat loss should my meals be low carb? I've heard that you can eat a little less strict when doing IF. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. Ill be eating three large meals from now on.
  6. What kind of foods should you eat on the intermittent diet? Is it just what you would normally eat, but compressed into a smaller window or should you eat larger meals? Ive seen youtube vids of people eating three sandwiches and pasta for one meal. Usually I eat things like oats, cottage cheese, chicken breast, vegetables, eggs, etc. My goal is to lose bodyfat. Thanks for any help.
  7. Deadlift Meal

    Thanks mate. I can't really be bothered making another vid, but ill take your advice onboard.
  8. Deadlift Meal

    Thanks mate. So basically your saying that when Im standing up, my back is rounded? How can I rectify that?
  9. Deadlift Meal

    Heres my form check. Thanks for any help everyone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM5uutpweM4&feature=youtu.be
  10. Deadlift Meal

    Ill post a form check in the next few days, just to see if its just a form issue.
  11. Deadlift Meal

    Im stalling on the deadlift and Im pretty sure its because Im not eating enough food for energy. What do you guys eat before a heavy deadlift session to make sure that you have more than enough energy? I train late at night so it has to be a lunch/dinner type meal. Thanks for any help!
  12. Frying Fish

    Thanks everyone. I will definately try the butter.
  13. Frying Fish

    I just thought maybe the frying adds too much fat.
  14. Frying Fish

    Does frying fish for dinner defeat the purpose of having a healthy meal? I use olive oil and after its done I wrap up the fish in a paper towel to soak up some of the excess oil. Thanks for any help.