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  1. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Welcome back Guru!
  2. extremely small homegym

    Oh, tiny country, IIRC, with very strict laws in some areas
  3. extremely small homegym

    Yeah right now I use a commercial gym, might switch off that in the future, depending on my situation If I decide to go full mobile lifestyle, I'll need a workout I can bring with me What country are you from?
  4. extremely small homegym

    I can pull it with any full size pickup, it's only about 21 feet long Actually a small pickup, like a Ford ranger will pull it, but not up anything steep, it weighs I think 3160 lb from the factory, and My ranger is rated to pull 4000 My van will pull closer to 6500 (light 3/4 ton), or I can use it for a camper if i don't want to pull the TT I actually wanted a Micro camper, but it's hard to live full time in one of those lol I'm just trying to live as cheap and free as i can
  5. extremely small homegym

    no, had one when I lived in an apartment, now I live in a travel trailer, definitely no room for a home gym unless outside
  6. extremely small homegym

    Hahaha I live in Texas, summer afternoons sometime 113f, I'd be a sweaty mess untill i acclimated...if i ever did Hell, I might heatstroke
  7. extremely small homegym

    If I set up a home gym now, it'd have to be an outside gym, lol but the US does have good access to equipment, that's for sure
  8. extremely small homegym

    Not a bad setup
  9. coming back

    yup, forum, dead Welcome back
  10. preworkouts

    Too much sugar for a dime
  11. preworkouts

    My pre workout is breakfast, I hit the gym shortly threreafter, so no additional pre workout needed However not everyone can do that and choco milk is cheap and fits the requirements, so it gets #1 billing, as Berin stated
  12. Bulking and Slimming Down

    Agree, I do better lower carb, but it starts with getting rid of the junk, and everyone is a little bit different
  13. Nice to Meet You!

    Welcome, from another stubborn old bastard who'd rather play a pickup game and hurt for 3 days than admit he should probably abstain lol
  14. Warming up for a one rep max

    I don't do %s, I start with the bar, and add 20lb per set But hell i lift like a sick kitten, so take that with a lot of salt
  15. Weight Lifting Belt?

    At near 400lb and stuck, I'd try a belt, and I'm one of the most anti equipment guys on this board (and the weakest)
  16. Tight belly, tight butt, no back injury get loose, and like Simon said, you can keep in mind most personal trainers get their credentials via a weekend (or shorter) class taught by another goober with a weekend cert
  17. so just record 2 hours of a drum meating 130 BPM, there ya go
  18. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

    ^^This, get that upper back TIGHT and the lower tends to fall in line
  19. I tried it after watching the first 'rocky' movie, it is gross
  20. Working to get Stronger

    most beginners do full body routine 3x a week, and get good results, but they're also doing basic barbell movements Since you don't have the equipment for that, not sure that'd be the right approach If you like what you're doing, and it works for you, keep it up
  21. if you're trying to drop weight, probably boiled is best, just from a pure caloric standpoint, otherwise it doesn't matter, fried or scrambled in butter would be my go to I even learned how to 'over easy' them in the oven (300deg oven, a bit of oil or butter, 5 minutes, get em out)