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  1. if you're pushing yourself you're gonna have soreness, injury and soreness feel different using correct form is important to prevent the latter
  2. you are always going to have plateaus with weight loss or strength gain A few years ago I went on an extreme diet, not to lose weight, but to reverse diabetes, and even eating 700 calories a day, I had times where the loss just.....stopped Then it'd start again after a few days with the limited equipment you have, I's be doing split squats, pushups (with added weight once you get fairly strong) Overhead press, and some ring rows or inverted rows if you can find a waist high bar to do them on Mike D96 might have some better suggestions, once he comes across this post I do think you may have to get some more equipment sooner or later though, even if it's just more, heavier Dumbells Ross Enamait has a good idea for homemade DBs: 3/4" metal pipe, 'standard' 1" weight plates, and hose clamps In fact, he has a book, 'infinite intensity' that's all round fitness, with mostly cobbled together stuff, but its a bit advanced for a beginner, for now just do what you can with those weights and hit some easy cardio every day for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes
  3. was just about to say, hacksaw that might be the only way
  4. I used to do them, but once the 5x5 got heavy (to me) I just hadn't the energy left, lol
  5. Sprints IMO are better suited to after training than on days off YMMV, etc
  6. Oh, and micro load once shit gets heavy
  7. Welcome! What Idle said
  8. just about anything a beginner tries will increase strength and muscle size and different folks different things work better for
  9. no idea, it's quite intermittent, and adjusting stance usually fixes it that's also the knee that I can pop repeatedly by sorta kicking it I've had an x ray, but the doc just said arthritis
  10. if that was in reply to me, it's on the inside of the knee, I might be wrong, but I don't think the ITB attaches there It sure feels like something snapping over a bony protrusion, that's exactly how it feels
  11. I sometimes get a weird sort of roll /pop in my left knee when squatting, in my case it hurts like a bastard and I terminate the set, but the pain is brief, and resetting my stance usually takes care of it
  12. if your focus is gaining strength, do the cardio after the lifting, better for the lifting to interfere with the cardio, than the cardio to interfere with the lifting
  13. I think you'll like the AFP, I did nice avatar BTW
  14. http://www.kettlebellinc.com/ good site for KB info with forum I'm a member there, too, though I'm not currently active the community is owned by Lisa Schaffer, a great lady to learn from, and she doesn't use the site to push her products, though they do of course sell KB stuff I buy my KBs from her, as the cost is competitive, and she's a good resource, as is the forum Jim Bs merits attention, too, as he is also a multi certified instructor let the wife know the evil russian thing is just marketing and it's all for the lols