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  1. Squatting Double Your Weight

    Did you mean to say DL? My DL has always been really close to my squat and isn't moving as much. I'm expecting to squat more than I DL later this year. I have super short stubby legs, so my body type lends itself to a strong squat.
  2. I S P W L - Open Talk

    I don't know anything about supportive equipment, so I don't know if this is even possible, but maybe you could reduce the weight lifted by a certain percentage for each type of gear used? This is all for fun and I don't think anyone in this community is going to lose their mind if they get beat out by someone lifting in wraps or other equipment. I don't think there are enough people participating to make it worth having raw and equipped divisions.
  3. Nice job everyone and props to Berin for running the show. I look forward to doing it again next year.
  4. Squatting Double Your Weight

    I squatted 2X bodyweight after about 1 year of training. I weigh about as much as a fluffy kitten, for what it's worth. I'm up to about 2.4X coming up on my 2nd year of training, so progress has slowed way down.
  5. My form was awful during the competition. I was out of town for a business trip two weeks before, wasn't able to train, and somehow managed to almost completely forgot how to lift. I left a lot of weight on the platform with stupid form mistakes like my knees caving...live and learn!
  6. Here is my 3 lift entry: --- BW = 59.8 kg Squat = 145 kg, 124.05 Wilkes Bench = 75 kg, 64.16 Wilkes Deadlift = 150 kg, 128.32 Wilkes Three lift total: 370 kg / 816 lb, 316.54 Wilkes
  7. Does it have to be an active training log?
  8. Fat Loss Dieting Check

    I don't think that macros are all THAT important (other than protein). If you are trying to add muscle, I think your protein intake is too low. The rule of thumb I've always heard is that you need 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. I also think that you need to determine what your calorie baseline is. There are elaborate methods I've seen posted, but I think it's easiest to just track how many calories you are eating daily and adjust from there. This is the method I've been following for the past 6 months, and it seems to be working well: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=129247741 Slow and steady, and I'm not losing any strength. Best of luck with your goals!
  9. Usual Gym Problem

    Nice progress Wes! Sounds like you have the diet part figured out (that still is the hardest thing for me). Keep up with the workouts and your body won't have any choice but to burn that fat off.
  10. Usual Gym Problem

    For what it's worth, I dropped my BF from 22% to 13.5% by cutting out junk food entirely for 6 days of the week and just lifting religiously.
  11. 3 Inch Vs 4 Inch Belt

    I feel like I'm ready for a belt. I'm currently using the 'community' belt at the gym right now, but the thing is barely thicker than the belt I use to hold up my pants. It's a 4 inch belt and digs into my thighs and ribs when I'm in the bottom of my squat. Would there be any disadvantage to getting a 3" belt instead of a 4"? Best Belts has one and I've heard a lot of good things about their belts, but I thought I'd ask here for opinions and/or advice.
  12. Ronb Introduction

    Hello everyone. I found IS while looking for an alternative to Stronglifts Inner Circle. Just lurked so far, but I like what I've seen. I have "played around" in the gym for the past 2 years and have improved my overall fitness, but I've never in my life had a flat stomach and I've always wanted to be stronger, but never really knew what to do. Fortunately, a co-worker recommended Stronglifts and while a lot of Medhi's stuff comes across to me like "As seen on TV" marketing, I do believe in the core program.(Found a link here on IS to the Stronglifts V1 document and loved it. I really don't need 150 pages of success stories.) I just started week 4 and I'm loving the progressive loading. While the weight is still light, I get excited going to the gym for each workout knowing I'm lifting more than I did last time. The OHP has me a little nervous though, as it's already getting challenging at 65lbs. The hardest part for me so far has been the rest days. I'm impatient to get to the next weight. (A quick read of the "What's the Rush" post, helps get me past that. ) Even more importantly, having a training plan has helped me be more strict about my diet, and I have already lost an inch off of my stomach this past month. Which is no small feat, as the wife's baking is a thing of legends. I'm not sure if I'll start a training log, so I thought I should at least introduce myself here before I go post a form check video. Here are my current vitals: 38yo 5'4" 141 lbs 32" waist 34.5" stomach (goal to get down to 32" by June) approx. 22% bodyfat (goal of 15% - no timetable yet) no real weight PRs yet, as this is my first experience with heavy compounds. Thanks for the great forum! Ron B