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  1. This is really directed at a moderator/administrator: A couple of years ago I developed a database where people could keep track of their power lifts and Oly lifts, enter their data for the IronStrong PWL competition, display competition results, bla, bla, bla. It was located at http://weightlifting.org.nz/is/ but I have recently relinquished that domain name and shifted this stuff to http://weighttraining.nz/is/ . (There's a message to that effect if you try to use the old domain name.) However, it looks like no-one has entered any lifts into this for about a year or more and the two guys who were set up as administrators I think have moved on. So my quesiton to the IS community is: Do you still want this or can I scrap it? Would appreciate a reply via email to: john@rippon.org.nz If I don't hear from anyone, say, within the next two weeks I'll ditch it. Thanks
  2. I P F World Records

    Yeah, big guys lift impressive weights, but it's the little guys that actually impress me more. This is one of a handful of IPF Classic (i.e. unequipped) world records that I was lucky to catch in Sydney last year. Good to see that at least some of the IPF records do down south rather than Ukraine, Russia or USA ... even though Nghiep is an Aussie rather than a Kiwi Nghiep Luu: Open u66kg Dead lift record 271kg Incidentally we have his coach (with the white polo shirt) to thank for inventing Wilks points.
  3. I P F World Records

    Carl Yngvar Christensen: Junior and Open SHW Squat record http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH3mLs13Pbc Not too bad for a kid: 475kg (1047lb). Easy-as on the way up!
  4. Stabbing Pain In Ribs.

    Symptoms sound like a cracked rib, but unlikely given the cause ... unless you had previously cracked it unknowingly - e.g. with an impact - and the movement aggravated it. I think you'd know if that was the case. Intercostal muscles are easily strained (torn) with even mild exertion and can hurt. I've had this happen several times doing various weight exercises - generally involving standing and bracing the torso. e.g. standing barbell or dumbbell biceps curl can do it. Can't say I'd call it a stabbing pain though, but pain is subjective, and in my experience intercostal strains generally don't get worse unless you do something to hurt them - such as take a deep breath, shout, cough, sneeze, twist suddenly or do weights exercises that put tension on them. Either way, there's not much you can do other than rest them and avoid anything that causes movement in them that hurts. Week or so should see it improving if it's a strained intercostal - longer if it's a full-thickness tear of the muscle; couple of months for a cracked rib and maybe some anti-inflams and pain killers to get you through it. Hopefully it's nothing more serious, but making those diagnoses are what doctors are for and you probably know by now!
  5. Nothing like real people to test stuff for you! Hopefully these are fixed now, but please PM bugs etc. to me rather than posting here. That way I get notified.
  6. Sorry about that. Fixed your account, but won't have a chance to correct the code for any other females who register until later in the day. I've given your account Admin access now Neil. FM has not registered. When he does, perhaps you could give him Admin as a little exercise in how it works (and as a further test of my code!). PM me if any problems. Thanks
  7. Following on from the application used to tabulate the results of the last two ISPL competitions, I've now expanded it so that you can save a history of your three-lift powerlifting progress and/or of your two-lift Olympic weightlifting. Choose whether or not you want to make your lift history publicly viewable or keep it private. Choose your best set of lifts (powerlifing and/or Olympic) to feature in the ranked lifts if you wish to see how you're faring against other members. Administrators can be appointed (preferably moderators of the forum) to do stuff like set up the dates for future ISPL 'virtual' competitions. So far only two other members have registered to it, other than the ones who entered the competition in May, and only one of those (some old guy from NZ) has actually entered any lifting history. http://weightlifting.org.nz/is Love some more people to use it
  8. Is Pwl Meet May 12Th-18Th 2013

    There's a note on the pages where you enter dates showing the correct entry order (d-m-y), but force of habit means that some will put the month and day round the opposite way. It works if the day is 13 or higher, but not otherwise! I'll put another step in the registration process so you get a chance to check that you've entered the correct date of birth before it's saved. Safest way is to spell out the first three letters of the month. E.g. Today (in NZ) is 22 May 2013, or May 22 2013. If you still get it wrong, you will have to delete your account and start over.
  9. Is Pwl Meet May 12Th-18Th 2013

    Good lifting guys. Three-lifts Database for IS Members I've added a few enhancements to the Three-lift database in which you entered your competition lifts. The major change is that the application can now keep a progress history of your three lifts. Anyone from IS is welcome to register and use this to log their three-lift progress. Here's some more specific details of the changes: As said, the database now allows you to keep an on-going history of your lifts, rather than just over-write the one set. Users can make their lift history visible to others or kept it private. Go to your account details to set this option. Users can choose, if they want, one set of three lifts from their lift history to be ranked in the public ranking list. You can change the lifts you want ranked as your lifting improves. Users can set their preferred weight unit (kg or lb) by going to their account details. This will only be effective while you're logged on. Regardless of whether you're logged on or not, when you're viewing a table you can still switch back and forth between units without affecting your preference. Users can still delete their accounts via the account details screen, but doing so also removes your complete lifting history and any lifts you have ranked or entered into an IS competition. For administrators: The administrator function has been altered slightly and is no longer accessible unless you are logged on. The application now runs from the weightlifting.org.nz domain. Sorting the tables is faster using Javascript at the browser rather than firing requests off to the web site. To cater for future ISPL competitions, I will add an extra page to the application whereby the user can select from their lift history, the lifts that they want to submit as their entry to the competition. There'll also be a function for administrators to allow them to set competition dates, the name to appear on the competition results page and the ability to clear the results of the previous competition. The competition results are now at http://weightlifting.org.nz/is/competition.php and this is separate from the ranked list which is at http://weightlifting.org.nz/is/lift_ranking.php In the meantime, all users who have registered to the database have initially had their lifting history set to private and their competition lifts selected for inclusion in the ranking list. Hopefully using it should be intuitive. Just click on stuff to find out what it does if not sure! Any questions or problems - PM me, as I don't often visit the forum now. Depending on my levels of enthusiasm and spare time, I might add more features in future. Priority will be being able to include diary notes in your history, potentially having categories for equipped and unequipped lifts and, almost certainly, inclusion of Olympic lifts. Progress graphs etc. perhaps once I'm retired with time on my hands
  10. Gym In Honolulu Please

    Thanks Norm. I explored a few of these aggregator sites but they didn't give me much useful information and they're often not kept up to date. For Honolulu this one shows four gyms: Powerhouse Gym: Gone (at least the web site has) Gold's Gym: Gone - quite some time ago 24 Hour Fitness: One of the first I enquired about, but they wanted too much money for a poor Kiwi pensioner like myself. LOL. Mana Barbell: Hadn't heard of this one. Definitely shows promise but they don't seem to want to publish their address. I'll definitely follow them up if I'm ever in HI again.
  11. Gym In Honolulu Please

    Just got back from our Hawaiian break. Used the Central Honolulu YMCA gym and it was great. $10 casual day rate gives you use of the weights, cardio rooms, swimming pool and sauna and they provide a locker with lock . One platform with some 'sort of' bumper plates that seemed to be set up mainly for deadlifting and some strong island guys ready and able to spot old fellows like me. Squeezed out a 300lb bench with the guy spotting me telling me I should go heavier, but I was happy with that under the 'holiday mode' circumstances!
  12. Gym In Honolulu Please

    Hey thanks Jay. I've emailed the YMCA to see what they say. I'm confused about World Gym: "no amenities available at this time" and "now open" on their website No direct email address and my experience with a couple of others where you have to fill in an on-line form to get in contact with a big franchise gym is that they're very slow to (or never) reply. 808 phone number looks like it might be a free-phone number for US-based callers, which we won't be able to use in NZ. But will definitely check it out when I get there.
  13. Gym In Honolulu Please

    Thanks Maverick. Last time I used a gym in Vegas the hotel wanted $20 (and I was staying at the hotel). But you did get a towel to use! I declined and used the vastly superior one at the airport for $10. Reminds me of a pretty remarkable coincidence. There were only two of us there - one big African American dude and me. We got chatting while I was pretending to spot him on his bench presses and turned out he had trained at my home town gym in Lower Hutt the year before.
  14. As already said: If you know no more than that you probably have a rotator cuff injury, you can't really expect us to tell you any more. If it gave any trouble after more than a couple of month's rest I'd be wanting it investigated further. For this you will need scans: X-rays (to check for possible bone abnormalities such as bone spurs, unusual acromion types etc., probably US (to check for soft tissue damage) and possibly MRI. Even with all that, the diagnosis is not always 100% accurate. I've been through all this and over the course of a few months the diagnosis went from - possible supraspinatus tear, to possible full-thickness rupture, to (when they finally opened it up and in the operation notes from the surgeon of 35-years experience) ... "... quite the worst case I've seen." referring to collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. In my case I thought it was pretty crucial that I know the extent of the tear, since by my logic, that would have a significant influence on how I decided to proceed. E.g. partial tear = chance of it repairing itself ... therefore take it easy for a year and should be able to ease back into normal training. Full-tear = no chance of it repairing ... options are have surgery or live with it but with restrictions on training. Out of idle curiosity how detailed is the diagnosis? Which muscle(s) are affected? Do anti-inflamms alleviate it? If it makes you feel any more positive: I still have constant trouble with the same shoulder (though supraspinatus problem is not indicated). I've done SJ for Bench several times (in the middle of one right now) but just need to be very mindful of when my shoulder is telling me I'm giving it too hard a time. I'm pressing more than I've ever pressed in my entire life - so yes people can work around these things.
  15. Gym In Honolulu Please

    Bit of a long shot but does anyone know of a gym in Honolulu that they can recommend? I only need to do a couple of sessions with a bench press, free weights and preferrably a power or squat rack. Gold's Gym has apparently closed and I've checked 24hr Fatness but their day pass rate is USD25. Is it just because I come from a low per-capita income country or does this seem ridiculously expensive for a one-hour workout? Thanks John