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  1. Started StartingStrength whilst running CarbNite. Starting numbers 405 squat/dead, 275 bench, 225 row, 135 ohp

  2. Don Reinhoudt - 2391

  3. Pretty Cool Visual Of How Sl Works

    Blowing those up and printing on the wall to put in a gym would be pretty nice. Whoever made that did a good job.
  4. Day 5 of Carbnite. Right now I am going carb craving crazy. Hold the line!

  5. Elbow Brace

    For what purpose do you need the elbow brace?
  6. Trouble With Squats

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. +1
  7. Advice On Sl 5X5 To 3X5

    Switching to 3x5 will make a huge difference, especially on squats. You could probably switch squats to 3x5 and leave bench, rows, and OHP at 5x5 for a bit longer.
  8. Gym In Honolulu Please

    For future reference: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/4420
  9. Stronglift Guide For A Beginner

    600+ lb competition squatter here. Deep squats below parallel fixed my knee issues.
  10. Experience weighing over 300lbs I went from never squatting in my life to 470lbs 5x5 with a net body weight gain of 7lbs(312lbs). How did I do it? StrongLifts on Atkins phase 1 for as long as possible. I made it to BW squat and dead lift before I started adding in carbs. Once carbs are introduced still try to keep them to a minimum. Better to have pre/post workout than at any other time. Hindsight if obese. Stop when you hit 1.5BW squats 5x5. You can keep going, but this is the point where my weight went up dramatically. I kept going, got bitten by the powerlifting bug, and have not been below 330lbs in a very long time. Once 1.5bw squats are achieved I was plenty strong. I should have concentrated more on weight loss/strength maintenance at this point. Thinking CBL 5/3/1 is the answer now and probably was then as well.
  11. Rehabbing My Shoulder

    Springtime had shoulder pain, kept getting worse. Went to my family Dr, options of physical therapy or cortisone shot. Was told cortisone shot is only pain relief, does not really fix anything so I decided to go with physical therapy. During 4 weeks of physical therapy it was determined I had radial nerve damage. I did many of the exercises Beasley posted here: http://ironstrong.org/index.php?/topic/33-shoulder-pain-and-how-to-fix-it/ Did others as well specific to radial nerve. At the end of 4 weeks the radial nerve damage was repaired, but I still had pain. In some movements worse than when I started. It was then the PT referred me to an Ortho. Ortho did an xray and found calcium deposits on the outer edge. This was causing pain when raising arms. He gave me a cortisone shot. The relief took less than a day. 2 weeks later I started training. Kept elbows tucked and narrow grip on bench. Did not do any lift that required flared elbows. Knocked out a 430lb bench at WPC Worlds. No shoulder pain. 4 months later still no shoulder pain. The combination of PT and cortisone did the trick.
  12. Guidance Needed On Steroids Use

    What is your shoulder injury?
  13. Josh shares some useful tips for improving the bench press http://metroflexplan...-press-prowess/
  14. Totaled 1631 at WPC Worlds. Matched total PR

    1. Heino


      That's a crazy total! Congratulations to you, sir!

    2. Steve


      congrats! great job!

  15. Linear Progression

    I have finally given up after 3 years. This time around I made it to 550 3x3 or somewhere around there. Trying to do that and squat becomes very difficult. Problem is getting injured, taking months off, more than once and then trying to get all the way back up there without getting injured again. I have also learned competition wise linear progression does not allow you to lift 90+ % of 1 rep max until the very end and even then you do not really know what you 1 rep max is. I have decided to start 5/3/1 on Monday.