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  1. We're OK. Huge mess all around.

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    2. Maslow


      How did Sandy compare to the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man?

    3. Frozen


      Good to hear! Good luck with the clean up.

    4. spector


      Glad you guys are OK!

  2. Everybody on the East Coast stay safe!

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    2. Kilim


      I hope the gym stays open tomorrow morning ...

    3. NeilPorter


      Stay safe all my east coast IS buddies...hope it passed without injury or too much damage..

    4. Jimagenesis


      Thanks man! Sending out good vibes to all without power in NYC/Long Island etc..

  3. Online Personal Training: Market Research Help

    I was pretty surprised myself. He sat at his desk and watched the gym. He would tell me what exercise to do, weight, sets, reps, rest. I would do the exercise, and he would either yell at me or walk over to correct me if he saw something wrong. Then I would go up to his desk and get the next exercise. If I really needed help with something, he would either do it himself or get one of his other trainees to do it.
  4. Online Personal Training: Market Research Help

    One other data point for you. When I was actively training with Joe Carini, he charged me $400 per month, which included use of his gym, program design and (when necessary) exercise instruction, but no nutritional counseling other than that he wanted me to eat more of everything (I never paid that any mind).
  5. Online Personal Training: Market Research Help

    Also 3D Muscle Journey, a group of 4 drug-free pro bodybuilders (and very good guys), offers similar services. Their Skype consultations are $80 per hour, and their 12-week coaching program (training and nutrition) is about $300-$400, depending on whether it involves in-depth contest prep (for either BB'ers or PL'ers).
  6. Do either of you have any reactions to other corn-based products?
  7. Planks Better Than Crunches

    Yup! I do these with the TRX:
  8. 5/3/1 With R P T?

    Totally makes sense. Thanks again.
  9. 5/3/1 With R P T?

    Well, that is just perfect. Thanks man, and thank you for the validation, Adam. Why is that?
  10. 5/3/1 With R P T?

    I'm thinking about what training protocol to follow after I recover from my next round of abdominal surgery. My meet is November 11, and the operation is scheduled for December 13. It will take me about 3-4 weeks to recover, so the timing coincides nicely with the start of the new year. I really like the "wave" approach of Wendler's 5/3/1 (I have bought all his ebooks), and his breakdown into 4 days a week of Squat, Press, Deadlift, Bench Press. On the other hand, I have had a good deal of success with Reverse Pyramid Training. I was wondering if it would be possible to combine Jim's overall approach (4-week waves of 5, 3, 1, deload all based on undulating percentages of training maxes) with a Reverse Pyramid scheme. Has anybody else thought about this?
  11. Interesting Article On Testosterone/leptin/bulking

    Totally agree. Here's some simple math.
  12. Which Job(S) Do You Work In?

    Ha, just ran across this thread. I'm a tax lawyer (20 years). I run the tax department for a manufacturer of building materials and serve as the chief tax counsel and senior attorney for the family who own that company. I also head up the tax and structuring operations for their hedge fund and private equity interests. More about my professional life on Linkedin, if anybody's interested. My job contributes to my training in that it affords me a high degree of control over my own schedule. Edit: How does training contribute to my job? Well, I'm almost invariably the most jacked guy at all the tax conferences.