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  1. Shut up and ▪█─────█▪

  2. Awesome Videos

    How awesome is that, this guy is 63 and has been working out for 50 years
  3. Vibram Five Fingers

    Thanks! I have the NB minimus with vibram soles and absolutely love them, I might get a pair of the five fingers at some point as I'm pretty curious to see how they feel.
  4. Vibram Five Fingers

    How about lifting in the five fingers?
  5. Deadlifting Shoes That Aren't Chucks

    +1 for the NB minimus, I got them for the gym but ended up wearing them all the time Just get them a size or two bigger because they are really small and narrow.
  6. Bulgarians Vs. Chinese

    This is Ivan Abajiev, the father of Bulgarian weightlifting Such a pity that all our best athletes and trainers have to compete for other countries because weightlifting is almost nonexistent in Bulgaria right now.
  7. Suggestions For Hotel Gym

    I'd go for goblet squats or bulgarian split squats with dumbbells. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K592eZxX-vg
  8. Britains Strongest Man Under 105Kg 2012

    Good luck, Mark, show 'em who's boss!
  9. U F C

    At least Sonnen got invited to a BBQ
  10. Ex-Sl Members List

    Wrong topic
  11. Ex-Sl Members List

    Logs - yes, not sure about stuff though Welcome, Odin!
  12. Euro 2012 !

    Nice game - Torres and Mata scored, Balotelli was crying - for anything else there's Mastercard
  13. U F C

    Wow, I've missed the trash talk, gotta catch up Will be cheering for Silva, I find Sonnen kinda sleazy
  14. Euro 2012 !

    I was hoping that Germany would overcome the Italian complex but I was proved wrong - from the beginning the players had their brown shorts on so that the sh** doesn't show