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  1. Bar height with 30 mm plates

    I found these already. I'm more looking for an adapter that converts the plate itself to 30mm by placing a ring or so in the plate hole, instead of converting the bar to a 50mm. That way I only would have to buy 1 set of large bumper plates for my deadlift and keep using my existing 6 20kg plates. Maybe if nothong exists, I can modify these bar converters from Amazon by cutting rings from them.
  2. Hi all, In my homegym I have a power cage with a 180 cm barbell and a crap load of weights. They are all 30 mm, that's grown that way historically and I don't fancy spending hundreds of euros just to change everything to 50 mm plates. A side from that, in the spare room I use to lift I have no space for a 220 cm bar, so 180 it is and usually they are 30 mm. Now for deadlifts I use wooden blocks to add some cm to the bar height, but I'm wondering if there are maybe large diameter plates with a 30 mm hole, or maybe 50 to 30 mm adjusters that you can put in the hole of a 50 mm plate so you can use that plate with 30 mm bars. I know what I want but I don't know how to search for it on Google. Can't find the right words I think. Does anybody knows some kind of adjuster, and where I can buy one? Cheers, Bas
  3. Yea broke some press pr. Presses 60 kg for 2 triples en 3 doubles. That's 3rm and volume pr!

  4. Off to bed, hope I get some 9 or 10 hours of sleep in before tomorrow's Overhead Press PR attempt. 5 triples at 60 kg here I come!

  5. Is Corné on the forum as well?

    1. Bas


      I have informed him via Facebook, but I haven't seen him around here. He also replied to my question where he has been last few weeks. Since the start of the new college year he has been lifting but didn't have enough time to post on the boards. Everything is okay with him ;).

  6. Hey Buck welkom hier op het nieuwe forum.

    1. Quiver


      Hey Bas, thx for showing me this great website. I wouldn't have found it without you! I would have lost contact with my buddy's. I was so mad at Mehdi for this reason. Without a warning he made it impossible to get in contact with my friends. He should've banned the 'bad guys', not break his promise that the old SL members remain could use SL for free. It's clear to me where his loyalty lies, within his wallet! Yuk. Nuff said, glad to see you here Bas. Happy li...

  7. Ex-Sl Members List

    Exactly the same. I connected to lots of cool people (even some group of fellow Dutchmen) and I've lost the majority of them. Some of them are on facebook, but from one of them I had his phone number in my forum inbox, and now that's gone. Have to find another way to contact the guys to set up a real life meeting. Anyway, I was Bas Land on the original forums.