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  1. Finally benched 400 and can cross off the 400/500/600 goal!

    1. CarlHmS


      Doesn't count. Arch too big, you don't have visible abs, wearing belt, didn't pause long enough. I think I'm doing this internet thing right, aren't I?

    2. littlesimongeorge


      Shiiiit, well done Adam!

    3. FerrousMaverick
  2. Accelerated 5 3 1 For An Advanced Beginner

    Or just don't worry about it because they will get lower over time. People seem to get really upset when they aren't stalling for some reason I guess? "Oh I'm making all my reps and not missing lifts and I get to keep increasing the weight, what can I do to prevent this??" Fucking idiotic.
  3. Accelerated 5 3 1 For An Advanced Beginner

    My goal was always 10 reps on 5's day, 8 reps on 3's day and 5 reps on 1's day, and I usually got way more and still got plenty strong. I would seriously just do the program as written and not worry about it. If your training max keeps increasing and you are making all the reps what is there to possibly complain about? Getting strong is a multi-year journey...
  4. Accelerated 5 3 1 For An Advanced Beginner

    I would just run it as it's outlined in the book. By the book you are still supposed to add 120 pounds to your squat every year, that should be fast enough for anyone.
  5. Power Perfect IIs are great. I bought mine brand new at the Adidas employee store for like $60.
  6. Bench Press Form

    My ass would definitely come off the bench if I wasn't flexible enough to get my feet so far under me that my ass coming up is a physical impossibility. So I guess I just look stronger when I'm clearly not.
  7. Knee Sleeve Size Help!

    I was in the bottom end of XL, still ordered XL and wouldn't want them any tighter. Cheaters.
  8. Machine Assisted Pull-Ups/dips

    I agree with Mav, the top part is the hardest already. I fail a chin-up because I can't get my chin over, I never fail a rep at the bottom. Partner assisted is the best way to go in my experience since they can actually help where you need it.
  9. Machine Assisted Pull-Ups/dips

    I'll go against the grain and say I would rather use the assisted chin-up machine or a lat pull down than use bands. Bands always seem to make them too easy at the bottom and just as hard as they would be without bands at the top.
  10. Choosing A Barbell

    The TPB knurl is very aggressive, but the finish on it feels very close to bare steel, it's not a thick coating like you see on the Rogue black zinc bars. I have a special edition bare steel York Power Bar that is basically a B&R without the olympic knurl marks (just the powerlifting marks) and it is my favourite bar I've owned. Perfectly straight, 29mm and I love the bare steel feel (although it is a bitch to maintain and develops orange rust quite easily). My B&R was bent and had some other issues as well. I haven't read a recent review though so maybe it is sorted out these days.
  11. 5X5 And 3X5 And 3X3 As A Percentage Of 1Rm

    Hahahahaha.... awesome.
  12. 5X5 And 3X5 And 3X3 As A Percentage Of 1Rm

    Juggerswolik ftw. Lifting weights is easy. Lift heavy, eat lots of food, get lots of sleep. No other details are important.
  13. 5X5 And 3X5 And 3X3 As A Percentage Of 1Rm

    I think 5x5 is probably around 75-80%, 3x5 is about 80-85%, 3x3 around 85-90%. 60% for 5x5 is way too low, I'm pretty sure I could just do one set of 25 and get it over with.
  14. Cutting Some Fat

    +1. Losing almost 20 pounds in one month WHILE keeping all your strength AND running 5km a day is going to be impossible. Pick one thing. You can't be a powerlifter who also does MMA on the side and likes to race mountain bikes on the weekend while trying to drop 30 pounds for a bodybuilding contest the same day you are doing Tough Mudder.
  15. Do I Have A Herniated Disc?

    Sounds like a lumbar strain. See a doctor to be safe but if it's just painful to bend at the waist and you aren't getting any shooting pains down your leg or anything, it's probably just muscular. I've had dozens of them in my days and they usually heal up within 2 to 3 weeks. Don't try and test it too much, I'd avoid squatting and deadlifting until it feels 100%. Lots of walking is a good way to work the back in a gentle way and assist recovery.