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  1. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Dont set the bar too high
  2. Breaking 90 Degree In Squat Problem

    I really like the goblet squat
  3. If anyone likes Podcasts, Zach Even Esh did a fantastic episode with AJ Roberts. Its worth every bit of the ~50 minutes

  4. Body Recompostion

  5. Body Recompostion

    Even a bad plan is better than no plan - so following anything is ok. Is it optimal? Well that a question only you and your God can answer. What are you wanting to achieve? Candito will get you stronger so if that's what you are chasing then it will be fine. As I said earlier, cut your calories and just go hard at it. The little things on matter when you are much closer to a goal.
  6. Body Recompostion

    Yep that's how you do it. If you are 85kg at 178cm, you'd want to me moving some weight to not still be 'fat'. My mate Dan (in the photo with my son in my log) is about the same height and weighs a touch over 82kg walking around (that's his comp weight). He can hit a 150kg bench, 200kg dead and 220kg squat any day.
  7. Body Recompostion

    Eat the calories required (there is a bmr calculator at bodybuilding.com) to be the size you want to be (based on a calculator + wanting to be carrying some extra muscle than the normal guy ~75-80kg); Eat 2.2gr protein/kg of bodyweight (for the size you want to be, not your current size); Just go hard in the gym (ie. follow your program for three months). Don't sweat the details. In three months reassess.
  8. If anyone has access to PubMed, I would love to read this study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26792335

    1. Ghost
    2. Starofflorida
    3. Starofflorida


      This is the stuff I am looking for: "myonuclei are harder to recruit in the elderly,

      and if the long-lasting muscle memory also exists in humans, one

      should consider early strength training as a public health advice."

  9. http://www.runnersworld.com/sweat-science/milk-vs-beef-for-postworkout-protein
  10. Bow down... its the anniversary of the founding of the greatest country on earth (not counting the presence of people for the 30000 years prior)

  11. Just doing some toning, ma...

    1. 5inthehall


      Looks like he tones the wheels pretty good too.

  12. Carbs

    Who was Cliffs... Did not read OPie, did not read dancingbear.gif
  13. Are you stronger than Hugh Jackman?

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    2. Raincoat


      Whats with the handsy idiot on the 197kg rep?

    3. Steve


      I saw that a few weeks ago and meant to post...he lifts with a few idiots.

    4. Starofflorida


      Could be the next comp... how many reps can you get of Hugh Jackman's max lol!