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  1. Can You Eat Too Much Meat?

    Reg Park used to eat a ton of meat and I don't think he had any problems. He used to eat 2kg of meat just for dinner!
  2. Breakfast!

    4 Eggs, 1 cup of Cottage Cheese or yogurt, depending on the day, and 1 tomato. By the way, I checked my cholesterol and guess what? It's fine. I've been having this breakfast for 6 months.. People telling me that I was gonna die.
  3. Is Milk Bad For You?

    Thanks Guys for all the input. I'm gonna keep drinking milk because I just don't find good science telling me that "it will cause my bones to wither" which doesn't make sense. Oh and I found out that everything has a little bit of sulfer even plants like fruits and vegetable so i'm throwing out point number 2 out the window and I'm not lactose intolerant. Milk does a body good still rings true!
  4. Is Milk Bad For You?

    I agree with you guys! Milk is good... However, Look at this website http://saveourbones.com/osteoporosis-milk-myth/ The Lady basically said the same things my teacher said but I'm skeptical of these "scientific studies" because she doesn't show where those studies can be found. It feels like propaganda. I'm also skeptical of people that claim "the evil industry doesn't want you to know this!" permeating through her article.
  5. Today I had to do this personal training thing for school and the lady is a vegan and she saw my diet plan and told me that milk isn't good for me. For some reasons 1) It's animal protien 2) she said it has sulfer of -2 ions and the only way to get rid of -2 ion is through calcium thus it depletes calcium from your bones 3) the body cannot naturally breakdown lactose What do you guys think? I've been drinking milk for about 6 months and havn't had any problems.