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  1. 790 lbs Sled Push PR!

  2. Just recently started The Juggernaut Method 2.0 and I like spreadsheets. So here is my own personal spreadsheet for The Juggernaut method 2.0. Tell me what you think and if there are corrections/changes/etc that needs to be made. https://mannixcastro.com/2016/03/07/the-juggernaut-method-spreadsheet-v1-0/
  3. Thickness Of Belt ??

    I got the Inzer Forever Lever Belt. Love it! Here is a review of it when I got it a few years ago. http://mannixcastro.com/2011/08/07/inzer-forever-lever-belt-10mm/
  4. Anytime. I wanted to add more stuff to it but I havent had the time lately.
  5. Here is the direct link to download on my site: http://mannixcastro.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/531-worksheet-v2_1a.xls or you can view it from this post @BodyBuilding.com site: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=108563891&p=949185723&viewfull=1#post949185723 and also direct download here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=4885283&d=1347721072
  6. What you mean it doesn't come up? You mean the page or the download? Yeah, i do 2x/week. For assistance I do 5 x 10 work at differing percentages. Kinda like Boring But Big.
  7. I made a 5/3/1 spreadsheet a couple years agoand still use it. Check it out. http://mannixcastro.com/2012/09/15/update-531-worksheet-v2-1/ Its setup for 12 cycles. Can get the weights with or without the barbell included. Gives you an estimated reps needed to beat your last estimated 1RM. Charts and graphs and more. PS: I used to do 3x/week lifts but been doing 2x/week due to life and other activities.
  8. Carbs

    I use Glycofuse (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) In my Pre and Intra drinks. Love it and taste awesome too! Used it during Carb Backloading and now doing a Leangains/CBL hybrid diet (Low carb on non-lifting days, carbs night before lifting and Pre/Intra/Post, Keep carbs at night otherwise) with good results. Can get Bulk HBCD at Truenutrition or just get Glycofuse.
  9. Excess Creatine

    If you follow Carb Back-loading, the Author actually suggest a VERY high Creatine dosing. http://www.schwarzenegger.com/fitness/post/creatine-how-much-should-you-be-taking Short of it is this: POUNDS: Bodyweight * 0.15 = grams of creatine monohydrate to ingest KILOGRAMS: Body mass * 0.3 = grams of creatine monohydrate to ingest
  10. I personally have dabbled in far too many supplements and over the years I have cut back majorly to what I "Think" works well for me. Reasons I use Supplements: increased alertness/energy/focus supplemental protein intake improved recovery For the past couple years I have been training under a fasted state and find it works for me. (When I discovered LeanGains) Didn't adapt to it easily at first but now I love it. My go to supplements are as follows (currently): EAA BCAA Citrulline Malate Tyrosine Caffeine Creatine Glycofuse Whey Protein Fish Oil Why I use them and when: EAA: I take 10g 30-60 minutes Pre-workout. Read some good info on EAA benefits. Is it necessary? From what I understand and read, if you can spare the $$ then it won't hurt. If not, then it also won't hurt not having it. I train under a fast so I find it helps. You can subsititute it with BCAA instead and if you want or not use it at all. I buy my EAA in bulk at TrueNutrition. I also "Feel" that it helps with my recovery. BCAA: I take 30g Intra. So many info about how BCAA can be helpful for you. But I think you need a decently high dose to help with recovery and such. (I believe Poliquin had a good dose suggestion somewhere around) This is one of the supplements I "Feel" I NEED if I have to get rid of my other supplements. Very helpful for fasted training and recovery. I also get my BCAA from TN. Personally recommend the Leucine 4:1:1 as oppose to the regular BCAA due to higher leucine ratio. Or you can buy the BCAA and add additional Leucine if you want ... Citrulline Malate: 8g 30-60 minutes Pre. Done sessions with and without it and I find I perform better using it. Some use Arginine but I have read that it's better to use Citrulline instead of Arginine for what you are trying to achieve. Info about Citrulline on Examine.com: http://examine.com/supplements/Citrulline/ Tyrosine: 2g 30-60 minutes Pre. Definitely helps with alertness and focus for me. My wife is not a morning person and when I introduced it to her she liked it and noticed the difference. If taken with caffeine it amplifies its effect as well! It also helps with mood and people w/ ADHD! Examine.com Info: http://examine.com/supplements/L-Tyrosine/ Please note that if you have Thyroid issues it is suggested to not take it ... Caffeine: 200mg tab 30-60 minutes Pre. Most Pre you buy has this and I feel the main ingredient that effects your ability. I don't drink coffee often and find a concentrated dose in a pill works better. For me 200mg works well and don't need to cycle out of it due to only using it on training days. Some may need more or less depending on tolerance. Creatine: 5-10g/day. Just take anytime. Plenty of data showing it works and cheap enough to use non-stop. No need to cycle or load. Just buy Creapure brand and drink tons of water. Glycofuse (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin): 2 servings in 40 oz water Intra. Stumbled upon this while doing Carb Backloading. Helps give energy while training. Gives me that extra push at times. You can even use it while doing CBL (I did find out about it in their forums). Whey protein: Take as much as I need to keep my protein intake high for the day. WPI, WPC, or whatever doesn't matter. I get the cheapest I can find as it helps financially. Cheaper to supplement with Whey than an extra steak in cost/protein ratio. I do try to have more than 1/2 of my meals whole foods though. Fish Oil: 4-6g/day of COMBINED EPA/DHA! Fish oil is good for you! BUT therapeutic effects doesn't occur until you hit a fairly high dose! Suggested dose you find is severely under dosed. For a full detailed info on effects of Fish Oil then check this 24 hour pass with ConsumerLab.com: https://www.consumerlab.com/trialsignup.asp?CODE=DROZTRIAL Conclusion: Yes, you do NOT need any of these supplements. Yes, supplements can help and I find that they do from personal experience. Yes, many other supplements are completely unnecessary and/or useless. I personally wish I have the finances to eat a full healthy meal everyday but that is not possible right now. Hence why I use some supplements that I feel helps and cheaper for what I am after. (ie: Whey protein supplemented to keep Protein intake high) Thanks to some people here, I found that some supplements are seriously under dosed for what you are trying to get from them. After much trial and error, I find that its best to use each one slowly and assess/reassess how the supplement works for you. And for the most part there is no need to buy expensive brands that are Proprietary Blends. Better off making your own batch and at least know you are getting the right dose and ingredients without the markup!
  11. What's the deal with Baking Soda? I somehow don't understand it. Please teach me of its uses
  12. Beta-Alanine And Creatine

    I also started using Glycofuse in my intra. Its supposed to be a Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. Unfortunately, I don't see info about it in examine.com ... I do feel it helps power me up considering I train under a fast from 8-12 hours. I also add 2g of CM and BA with the intra. But with what you guys are stating about BA, im considering testing no BA once my current supply runs out and try just with the CM, Tyrosine and bcaa.