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  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.barsense.main - android app for tracking bar path and speed :D
    1. Steve


      downloaded and I'll give it a go. thanks!

    2. bosworth
    3. wolfman


      Thanks for the hint, will try it

  2. ever have one of them days where absolutely everything is FUBAR :(

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    2. Kronos


      mmm sugar free haribo bears

    3. idle


      I think Fred Durst wrote a song about this in the late 90s.

    4. Heino


      Sounds yummie!

  3. Looking For Olympic/squatting Shoes? Check This Out

    http://www.cardiffsportsgear.co.uk/fitness-weightlifting-shoes.irc This is where I will be buying my shoes from in the next week or so, they are just a couple of miles from my house *UPDATE* bought the shoes and have only played with them once so far, much easier getting into the hole although weights are down atm due to a break from the gym
  4. Looking For Olympic/squatting Shoes? Check This Out

    Well most of them are available in the UK, but you have to buy them online and they are normally priced like £175 vs $175 for adipower, there are a few shops about that stock some shoes but not many As for the new do-wins, can't find them anywhere in the UK and shipping from the USA is about $70
  5. Looking For Olympic/squatting Shoes? Check This Out

    These topics are always so racist. Fine if you live in or next to murica, useless for us europeans
  6. Upright Rows

    some good info here guys, and a video of my 2nd mancrush
  7. saw this and instantly thought of K in the chatroom - http://i.imgur.com/5MdxmL9.png

  8. What's Your Fastest Mile?

    I rode shotgun in a tornado fighter plane, I reckon I did a mile pretty quick in it
  9. https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/380x571q90/818/f61e.png Found out why Rob is strongman training :)
    1. Juggerswolik


      Pudz: Houseman is heavy sport. Heavy shopping every day. I show you workout for cooking. One sets warmup, 6 sets workout.

    2. BareFacedGeek


      Cornflakes! I thought Scotsmen caught wild Haggis for their breakfast?

  10. Adidas Powerlift Trainer 2.0 Review

    Yeah bit of a shame they only do the one colour for the PP2's but the better heel will be worth the whole £10 extra I guess
  11. Adidas Powerlift Trainer 2.0 Review

    Nice review, might have a closer look at some myself. Although the power perfect 2 aren't much more expensive here
  12. £200 to go see klokov next year....... I think not

    1. Robernaut


      Commonwealth games?

    2. Growlanator


      nah he's visiting 6 crossfit gyms or something next year, £200 a ticket tho

    3. Starofflorida


      What the effin' Russians are part of the Commonwealth now???

  13. Goodbye life, lifting, etc - batman arkham origins installed :D

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    2. edge121212


      cmon you can still get away to lift its not like its zelda ;)

    3. Whiteboii


      Don't forget about us =(

    4. idle


      Finally! Good riddance.

  14. Diet Advice For New Sl 5X5 Lifter

    I went down the EAT EVERYTHING road when I started SL, didn't do me any harm BUT I am far from being an expert on the subject