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  1. Carb Cycle For 25% Body Fat

    Re-visit this when you are at ~15%. For now, just cut out the crap, which you ought to be consuming plenty of to get to 25% in the first place. Sugar, soft drinks, snacks and other junk is a good starting point.
  2. Sadly, no entries from me too. Maybe next year...
  3. I am intending to have a mock meet day in a couple of weeks' time, Berin.
  4. Squat Progression

    No problem, dude. Rip has this aversion to FS that I don't really get, but it's a fantastic lift and no matter whether you are using high bar or low bar squat variations, you'd benefit from it. The lower work weights also mean the recovery is not compromised, so it's a win-win in my book: it his the upper back hard isometrically (providing you use clean grip or straps), the core stability is improved and the quads are engaged more.
  5. Squat Progression

    Or on a second thought, if you are used to the 5/3/1, here's how to make it better
  6. Squat Progression

    I would follow a Texas Method-like setup for your squat, given your numbers. Well covered all over the web, but essentially something like: Day 1 BS: 80 kg /5 x5 Day 2 FS: 70 /2 x5 Day 3 BS: 90 /5 Add 2.5 kg to your Day 1 weights and 5 kg to your BS weights (both are lowballed for now to give you a few weeks of working back up closer to the current maxes). On the FS you can do a hybrid progression (add reps first and then weight). I would do Good mornings or Romanian deadlifts on Day 1. I would deadlift on Day 3 (from singles to sets of five or anything in between, but low volume, think Prilepin's Table). Re Upper body, you could Bench on Days 1 and 3, and Press on Day 2. Or you could keep any upper body work out of Day 1, and throw in an extra push/pull day for the upper body (that way you'd have four training days).
  7. Reg Park 5X5

    TUT (time under tension) matters, as do training loads. And lettucebereal, Reg used, you know, things that get you jacked and tanned.
  8. Interesting Critique Of Paleo

    Tbh, if my wife didn't breastfeed, I'd rather feed any babies we have something based on bone broth, than modern formula, or, god forbid, those meal replacement shit they used to dish out to sick children all over the world, irreparably damaging their bodies for life.
  9. Squatting Double Your Weight

    Still haven't got it after four years of training and being 34 years old. I am at 1.8x for a high-bar squat at 88.8 kg BW. Will get there, of that I have no doubts.
  10. 22 November 2014 GBPF Great London Championships BW of 88.8 kg 160 kg squat (102.85 Wilks points): 105 kg bench press (67.49 Wilks points): 192.5 kg deadlift (123.74 Wilks points): Total: 457.5 kg (294.08 Wilks points)
  11. The 200Lbs Rule

    This guy is: He is famous for being disced (together with Kurlovich) having brought a bagful (12 thousand tabs to be precise) of Dianabol for sale to the world championships in Canada in 1985 :facepalm: I bet Justin didn't tell you that!
  12. The 200Lbs Rule

    In Soviet Russia 200 lbs equals 100 kg, and the the same shitty justification is used for that hundred. Then those same people cry about their bitch tits and lack of libido. Having gone from 25% BF @89kg to 10% BF 83kg at 185 cm / 6'" I can assure this shit takes time without drugs for an average joe. I also looked worse one year into training then when I started, btw. Yes, there was milk involved
  13. Suggestions On Peaking For First Meet

    I don't have any useful suggestion as to peaking, but the link above is poorpure gold. The whole programming review series is just excellent reading (with only downside being my immediately wanting to change onto something shiny and new ).
  14. Scale

    I don't know what a 'magnetic' scale is, but if you mean a bog standard battery-operated electronic one, then it needs adjusting every time you move it around (as you floor is likely to be uneven, as you have found). This is usually achieved by pressing on the scale (but stepping on it with one foot, briefly), after which you can measure your weight again. You would still get a few 100 grams dispersion in the results with mainstream stuff--just take the higher of or the average and be done with it.