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  1. Overhead Squat

  2. Hot Chicks Doing The Olympic Lifts

    Nicole Lim from Cal Strength.
  3. Overhead Squat

    Dan john thinks rather highly of overhead squats, but why not just do full snatches?
  4. Pull Ups

    Depends. If you are training for Ninja warrior, i would say get yourself up to the point you can do sets of 15 or 20 strict pullups and then incorporate dynamic forms like clapping pullups and salmon ladders. If you are training for strength, i would try to do at least five sets of ten strict and then try adding weight.
  5. Hip Drive

    I think ol' Rip uses the hip drahv cue primarily as a way of getting beginner lifters to stop thinking of squats as a quad dominant deep knee bend. That being said, I agree with Mike and Berin that cues are slippery thing and what works for some may not work for others. I used to "sit back" immediately upon descent and all that did was make me fold forward into an unrecoverable good morning position. I later found cues from Brooks Kubik and Bill Kazmier that worked better for me. Both cued a knees apart initiation to the squat FOLLOWED by the sit back, so the ass slides back in an arc, rather than is shot back before breaking at the knees, which always bent me forward too soon. As I get into the hole, I pull myself in with my hip flexors and imagine myself like a crossbow being nocked into firing position. I now tend to look up coming out of the hole, something I picked up from Matt Wennings's "So You Think You Can Squat?" series. I learned Rips way by the book, but after watching a few hours of IPF lifters squatting deep and heavy, I noticed not one of them looked down with a neutral cervical posture as Rip recommends. Anyhoo, I think, as I originally stated, that hip drive is a useful cue to get novice squatters out of the mindset that a squat is a quad dominant deep knee bend, but as one progresses, any single cue is not going to be the be all end all.
  6. Really Weak Glutes And Hams?

    Sking is quite correct, it looks like you need to move the bar down about 2 inches to really be in low bar position. Posting an empty bar squat and a loaded squat is less than optimal in terms of comparison as well. Mike D makes an excellent point, do not worry about what others are doing--easier said than done I know, as I myself have done it. I personally do not feel there is a huge difference between low and high bar squats. Front squats and back squats--yes.
  7. Am I Strong Enough To Move To An Intermediate Program?

    <p>I agree with Frozen and Berin. Switching programming should be a response to your ability to recover as opposed to arbitrary numbers. Factors such as body weight, age, diet, sleep patterns,athletic history etc. can mean people stall out at very different weights.<br /> <br /> If you haven't had any recovery issues then the best thing to do is keep on linear progression until you do. </p> <p> </p> <p>We're about the same size and I switched to Madcow at about the same numbers as you, but my main reason for switching was that I had stalled and reloaded several times without getting anywhere.</p>
  8. Show Us Your Calluses!

    Ha, I was joking about the skin. When i fought, they called me teflon since i never seemed to mark up no matter how much i got hit.
  9. Show Us Your Calluses!

    I always wear a shirt and i don't really squat that heavy, so maybe I just have sensitive skin. you may have them as well, I didn't notice them until somebody else pointed them out to me.
  10. Show Us Your Calluses!

    Also, bar callus from teh squatz...
  11. Show Us Your Calluses!

    Time to get the 80 grit out...
  12. Dairy

    also, K has milk in his name...
  13. How Do You Use The Ab Roller?

    Like everything, it depends. A short skinny guy will have an easier time with rollouts than a long-limbed heavy fellow.
  14. How Do You Use The Ab Roller?

    Carl pretty much covered it. I can do 30 reps kneeling with 40lbs added, but 15 standing is my limit. The wall technique is the safest option.