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  1. Around December 2009, Januari 2010, I started getting pain in the area between my left elbow joint and my shoulder. At that time it was the upper area of the triceps, around the shoulder, that hurt. But after a few weeks that subsided, and it became the lower part, at the elbow area. I got it regardless of the exercise I did, but it was more painful with the bench press. I tried icing and also heat pads after the worksouts. That mainly helps masks the discomfort just after the workouts, but does not really help afterwards. Now I haven't touched a barbell in over 2 years (I have other priorities for now), but the pain is still there everyday. Most of the time, it's just dull and sore, like when you have the flu, or that first work out after a long while. But when I do some (trivial) work like carrying suitcases, it increases to an annoying pain, and stays like that for several hours. I'm somewhat concerned that it does not heal and has stayed the same for such a long while. I have seen my physician, but he does not know what to do about it. What can I try to improve this?
  2. Who Uses A Mouth Guard?

    See if you can get a bite-n-boil OPRO (they also do custom work). They have a variety of ranges, called bronze to platinum. I find that only gold & platinum are worth it. They are the best bite-n-boil that you can find in Europe, and I'm thought they were also sold in the US.
  3. Carb Backloading

    Now for being practical: how should someone trying to bulk (say, beginner to intermediate) eat? GOMAD, or any of these fasting, low carb-with-refeed diets?
  4. Static hip flexor stretches, because everyone has tight hip flexors.
  5. Ex-Sl Members List

    Perhaps I'm biased here in the farmlands of West-Flanders, but here most employers have a conservative view on such things. None the less, an assured constant flow of income is what many people target with their money.
  6. Ex-Sl Members List

    Seriously, he must focus on the money. He has got no post high school education and quit his callcenter job. Nobody would hire him anymore. He needs to make a lot of money fast, so he can start up investments that give a constant flow of income (rent out appartments, etc). Stronglifts, or any marketing site is a risky thing as a sole means of income.
  7. Interesting. How long time should be between eating a small amount of carb and training? How big should a carb portion be? Do you have any interesting pages about this?
  8. Wearing Contact Lenses

    I've had them for several years, but I prefer spectacles, so now I hardly ever use them (only for sports where fogging or masks are an issue: skiing, paintball etc)
  9. Show Your Homemade Equipment

    I'm on holiday at the moment, I can't give you exact measurements. The outside width is just slightly smaller than the space between the collars on an olympic bar. (Don't make it larger ) The outside depth is either slightly under 90cm or 120cm, these are the default lengths for the safety catch tubes. I think the beams were 9.5cm wide (but they sell them as 10x10) The tubes are 24mm od, the holes are 25mm. You need a good drillpress with a long travel to do it nicely (I did not have, and 50% of the time went into measuring and remeasuring exactly were the holes should be on both sides, and still some holes are 1-2mm off on both sides). Seriously, it's fun to do, but a squatrack is not that expensive. I did it because I was a poor student, but I wouldn't do it today.
  10. Show Your Homemade Equipment

    This is from the other thread: From L to R: DIY Kettlebells for swings to the left; also a DARD device for shins, the rack, reverse hyper bar that I can attach to the safety catch, and then put a platform on top. I just made a portable thingy for doing pullups in hotel rooms, pictures will follow later.
  11. Cardio Question

    Kettlebell snatches are brutal cardio. You can work up beginning with light KB's. I can recommend the Viking Warrior Conditioning Program.
  12. I've been thinking about the lifters' habit of eating massive amounts of protein (200-300g pure) every day. How does cattle get those muscles by only eating grass? (There are plenty of farmers who don't juice their cattle or feed them industrial whey and waste). Are we just victims of the supplements industry? Are calories and healthy food not enough to build muscle?
  13. Which Beef Cuts Are The Best?

    All the same, but tastewise: nothing beats a good Ribeye or porterhouse steak. Those are cut from the Ribs and the short loin.
  14. Got Tendinitis In The Elbow/knee? Check This

    Does not work for me, and the feeling afterwards like your veigns and blood vessels have exploded is not nice.
  15. Hair Removal

    Such questions are plentiful on bodybuilding forums. Scooby has a video I think (google scoobysworkshop)