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  1. Awesome Videos

    typical big collars are 2.5kg each. I am pretty sure counted in. bar 20kg + 8*25kg + 2x10kg + collars 5kg + 2*2.5kg =250kg The 2.5kg plates look a bit big for the weight but I am pretty sure that's what they are.
  2. Ex-Sl Members List

    but there are plenty of forums where post have retained when people have left but they are under "user28376" or something similar. if someone explicitly asks the name to be changed not to be exact real name it should be obvious what is the right thing to do.
  3. Ex-Sl Members List

    Wow - worse than my cultish chiropractor! That is super super lame! "Quit now and you will be weak forever!!! Are you sure you want to die weak and alone? You have been warned!" And the ownership of everyone's posts - that is an interesting topic. I have no clue what the original agreement said. Lame regardless.
  4. Awesome Videos

    haha - that tractor guy - called Jaakko Pessinen - is over 50 in many of the videos 46 in the tractor one. There are other vids him doing crazy shit here he carries logs - hahaha
  5. ". Hempseeds amino acid profile is close to "complete" when compared to more common sources of proteins such as meat, milk, eggs and soy" this page has more detailed breakdown with essential amino acid amounts described: http://www.innvista.com/health/foods/hemp/seedprot.htm Not saying that one shouldn't eat animal protein but there are vegetarian options that are not bad at all. I buy hemp protein from my grocery store - trader joes - but its not the cheapest deal. Amazon sells at better rate. Its pretty much all from Canada in the US. There are also several articles that make case that hemp protein is used more efficiently by the body. I take them with grain of salt but still might be worth reading for people interested. I take mostly whey just because I don't care enough. H
  6. I eat hemp 'protein' frequently - more for the good oils and stuff. Its pretty low protein content so you either get tons of fiber or its just not very much protein. Taste is a little funny but I actually don't mind it - but I mix it in oatmeal and MILK!
  7. My Gym Doesn't Have Good Equipment, What Can I Do About It?

    Don't press seated. The beauty of OHP is that the strength goes through the whole body. Great for core control. And as stated cleaning OHP weights is quite easy. Cleaning squat weights (for front squat) is gonna need more but it is not a bad idea for starters. my gym membership is 30$/mo - that is 6 packs of cigarettes, 5 mcdonalds meals, 4 hours salary at minimum wage... he can get a good start with what he has and if in 2-3 months the facility becomes the real limiting factor its time to see if something can be cut or if somebody's lawn needs mowing. Don't take me wrong I know that opportunities are not equal and limits in money can be very concrete. Still often if there is a will there is a way.
  8. Using A Heart Rate Monitor

    I have suunto T6 (older model) and really like it. it keeps logs and I get fancy graphs from my workout. It supposedly calculates very accurately VO2 (oxygen intake) and total 'training effect'. My buddy who is nuts about climbing mountains also loves his (T6d the new version with less buggy software) he had a proper ventilation and fitness test done at UCLA and the numbers were extremely close to what the Suunto software gave. Also wanted to point out that the 220-age is something one should forget. I have very high heart rate and was actually quite worried about it and after some reading from long distance athletes figured that: -there are huge individual variations. Two top athletes in same sport can have 20-30bpm difference in heart rate. -the 'rule of thumb' came from averages from some age old study I liked using HR monitor also to see when I am ready for next set. example:
  9. Ex-Sl Members List

    one annoyed ex-SL-member here. small warning would have been nice - sucks to lose a training log. Might have to pay 10$ to get it back and drop a link to these forums... this part is so other people can google us: strong lifts members join iron strong, mehdi, SL 5x5, non gold members, ex-members join. Did I also say strong lifts 5x5?