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  1. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

    Great pic Adrian~Love the undies!
  2. Which Job(S) Do You Work In?

    Former CPA/Corporate accountant. Currently Stay At Home Mom to 3 boys~job duties entail: short order cook, chauffer, cleaning lady, laundress, landscaper, basic carpentry, nurse, psychiatrist, you get the idea. My day is broken up into 2 hour blocks when kids are in school/activites. This means I'm usually unshowered & sweaty when I pick them up from school right after training Next year will be better when all kids are in school all day.
  3. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

    Wow~Ironstrong guys have some NICE butts! Thanks for sharing fellas
  4. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

    Well this is the perfect way to start off a Monday! Lots of men's butts .
  5. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

    Hahaha! Pauline, you started the funniest thread!! Embrace your new backside! You are just getting "bootylicious"!
  6. Wow! Some awesome 20 reppers in here! Way to go guys & gal. Luna, that SUCKS your camera didn't film ~ Ack! If I could back squat w/o incurring astronomical chiropracter bills, I'd be in. Going to squat camp at the end of the month~maybe that will get my technique sorted and then I'll join you.
  7. Jennifer Thompson

    She is amazing! Here's her DL from last week:
  8. Terrible Foods

    Awwww Guru. I REALLY enjoy Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Sigh...I know you're right
  9. Someone needs to smack me for taking 8 days off. Strength just disappears!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nagolina


      once you get the first one over with you'll be just fine...

    3. lunamud


      It shall return and be more beastly than ever!

    4. David
  10. Awesome Videos

    I thought this was amazing!
  11. Belts For Women?

    Thanks for posting the close up pics of your belt Kilim. I've always wondered how excactly the lever is attached. That does look very simple to adjust.
  12. Belts For Women?

    You are a big, strong Mouse! As much as I hate to admit it, us ladies generally don't have as much strength as you do
  13. Belts For Women?

    Copied from my log: @5: Here's what you need to know about belts (my knowledge is from reading websites & talking w/John Shaeffer)~ Thickness: 10mm or 13mm. You want 10mm. 13mm is for the BIG boys! Width around (NO taper in the front, that's for Oly lifting): 4", 3" or other. I have a 4" belt and I don't have any problems w/the edges digging into my pelvis or ribs. I'm also 5'8" w/a longish torso which is probably why. Does your gym have any community belts laying around you can try? How about any of your lifting buddies? Or at the Crossfit where your hubby trains? Just so you can test one out. Style: Double prong, single prong or lever. Forget double prong, too much of a PITA to get on & off. Lever is super easy to release when you are finished. Its downside is that if you gain/lose weight, you will need a screwdriver to adjust the location of the lever. I don't know how difficult it is to do this. The single prong is in between. Its a bit more difficult to maneuver than lever but you have the easy adjustability of a belt. I have a single prong. If I were to do it again, I would probably get a lever as I don't plan on my waist changing all that much. I have had 2 hilarious situations in the beginning (before the belt was fully broken in) where I couldn't get the thing off. After a heavy set, I didn't have much energy left for wrangling the belt. Had to get a trainer over to pull which was uncomfortable for both he & I!! Since it's broken in now, I don't have a problem. Where to Buy: Mine is from the same place as Luna, bestbelts.net. Their site is no longer up & running but you can call. Story & phone number here. Dean Best makes them to order and mine arrived very quickly. He is also very helpful over the phone w/getting the correct size. There is also Inzer. I have read (more than once), that it takes awhile to get belts that are not black & that their customer service isn't the best. And there is Titan. Color: I got black, since that coordinates w/everything. I would probably go w/something more fun if I were to do it again. My husband suggested a less "stealable" color like lavender Things sometimes disappear from the Y. I'm sure there's more places to purchase from but these are the ones off the top of my head.
  14. No water is crazy! Especially if the fountain is far from the weight room. Glad you are not in a membership contract w/this gym!
  15. I too, can completely relate to your post David. I go through those frustrated, annoying thoughts about every 5-6 months. Over time, I've learned to ignore them. Figured out that I feel worse when I don't train than when I do. Learned that lifting is not only healthy for the body but also the mind and soul. It inspires confidence in one's own abilities and carries over to confidence in almost everything else. Kudos to you for recalling all the positives! Keep at it, even when you don't feel like because you will not always feel like training.